Executive Director's Welcome

Thank you so much for visiting the UNIS website!

For those of us who have spent our professional lives promoting the values and benefits of an international education, UNIS has long been regarded as a leading light - a true compass point - for all other like-minded schools around the globe.

But there’s even more to UNIS than that. For underlying the quest for academic excellence, for meaningful innovation in teaching and learning, for strong results and outstanding college acceptances…..underneath all that lies the simple truth that at heart UNIS students are not only good scholars, but good people. At UNIS, we seek to graduate young people who are warm and compassionate human beings, who are empathetic with others, who strive to bridge the great socio-economic divide and understand the world’s difficult ethical problems. UNIS students communicate effectively across cultures, search relentlessly for facts, avoid propaganda, and form their own individual views as to what is important to the peoples of this world and the planet which we occupy.And so, when I came to UNIS, it was no surprise that I would find a strong school, a school which lived, every day, the mission and goals of the United Nations Charter, a school which radiated determination, energy and purpose… a school which exemplified in its very DNA the tangible, authentic diversity of peoples and cultures that make this community exceptional. Every day, students experience first-hand the extraordinary richness of a peer group representing 130 nationalities and more than 95 languages spoken in the home, an immeasurably unique opportunity to make lifelong friends from around the world!

In short, UNIS graduates are thoughtful, critical, creative and analytical thinkers who also stand up for what they believe in, stand for something, and are united in their desire, whatever their national background, to work together to create “A Better World”. What could be more important than that, in the present time in which we live?

Please come and visit us! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campuses on both sides of the East River!

Best wishes,

Jane Camblin
Executive Director

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