Mission & Guiding Principles

School Mission

United Nations 

The United Nations International School provides an international education that emphasizes academic excellence within a caring community for kindergarten through twelfth grade students from families of the United Nations, as well as from other families seeking a similar education for their children. The School promotes the appreciation of the diversity of persons and cultures, provides an optimal environment for learning and teaching, and offers a global curriculum that inspires in its students the spirit and ideals of the United Nations Charter.

Guiding Principles

The United Nations International School provides an environment for optimal learning and teaching in an international setting that fosters understanding, independence, interdependence, and cooperation.

Within this context we believe that:

  • UNIS students are committed to the spirit of the UN Charter by:
    • Demonstrating respect for human rights
    • Demonstrating respect for the principle of equal rights irrespective of race, sex, language or religion
    • Developing skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict
    • Practicing tolerance and living together in peace
    • Understanding individual responsibilities within society
    • Understanding the relationship between rights and responsibilities
    • Acquiring knowledge of universal ethics
    • Providing leadership that demonstrates awareness of ethical and moral issues
  • UNIS students benefit from an international education whereby they:
    • Gain historic and contemporary knowledge and understanding of the world through intellectual endeavor
    • Acquire international understanding through interaction with the uniquely diverse school community and by studying and experiencing other cultures and belief systems
    • Maintain the fluency of their mother tongue while valuing the acquisition of other languages
  • UNIS students strive for academic excellence by:
    • Learning how to learn
    • Discovering the joy of learning
    • Attaining depth and breadth of academic knowledge and understanding
    • Acquiring the skills that support intellectual endeavor and academic success
    • Solving problems independently and in cooperation with others
    • Acquiring aesthetic appreciation
    • Understanding modern technologies and using them wisely and effectively
    • Preparing themselves for the demands of higher education
  • UNIS students must be part of a caring community which encourages them by example to:
    • Share, cooperate, and contribute responsibly to a global society
    • Develop sensitivity to appropriate work and social relationships consistent with the principle of equal rights, including gender equality
    • Display sound decision-making skills by reflecting on choices and consequences
    • Think and act critically, creatively, and independently
    • Lead a positive, healthy life
    • Care for others, as they would have others care for them
    • Share resources
    • Build understanding and trust
  • UNIS students, being individually and culturally diverse, appreciate the significance of:
    • Developing personal values
    • Respecting the values of others
    • Valuing one’s own culture
    • Understanding and demonstrating respect for the culture of others
    • Understanding multi-culturalism within a global society
    • Being able to make a difference