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The excitement of college counseling at UNIS is that the world is our campus. Each year our students apply to and enroll at universities in ten or more countries outside of the United States.

UNIS students are educated to become lifelong learners and active, responsible citizens fully prepared to continue their studies anywhere in the world. Our graduates leave UNIS to attend colleges and universities across the United States and in many other nations.

Admissions officers value applications from UNIS because they know that our students contribute a distinctive maturity, intellectual vitality, and broad outlook to their student body. Our International Baccalaureate curriculum imparts a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent research, critical and creative thought, and international-mindedness. Grounded with the knowledge and skills from the IB curriculum and other classes, UNIS graduates easily adapt to the rigor of college academics.

Each year admission results bring distinction to our students and their families and to the entire UNIS community. Virtually all UNIS graduates matriculate at four-year colleges in the semester following graduation, with a small number choosing a gap year program.  A typical year will see 75% to 85% of our graduates enrolling at colleges in the United States. Most of the Class of 2013 – 113 students representing 49 nationalities -- received multiple offers of admission, with 23 students admitted to every school to which they applied. Last September, they began their studies at 60 colleges in the U.S. – 74% of our graduates remained in the US - and 16 different universities in ten countries outside the U.S.

The impressive record of acceptance at the most selective colleges validates the positive response to our students’ applications. U.S. colleges at which five or more students (indicated in parentheses) have enrolled during the past five years are:

Barnard College (12)


Boston College (7)

Boston University (9)

University of Chicago (6)

Columbia University (9)

Cornell University (21)

Emory University (6)

Eugene Lang College (9)

Fordham University (8)

George Washington University (16)

Hamilton College (5)

Harvard University (5)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (6)

New York University (24)

The University of North Carolina (5)

Northeastern University (8)

Parsons School of Design (7)

University of Pennsylvania (7)

Princeton University (6)

Sarah Lawrence College (6)

Skidmore College (5)

Swarthmore College (5)

Syracuse University (13)

Vassar College (6)

Popular choices of colleges outside the U.S. enrolling three or more UNIS students in the last five years include:    

University of Edinburgh – UK (7)

McGill University – Canada (20)

Queen Mary College – UK (3)

University of Kent – UK (3)

University of Toronto – Canada (7)

University College Utrecht – Netherlands (4)



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