Queens Campus


Queens Campus

The Queens Campus has approximately 200 students from Junior A (Kindergarten) through Middle 4 (Grade 8).

Queens Campus - 718-658-6166 / 718-658-6167

Principal – Judith Honor

Guidance Counselor - Barbara Kennedy
Administrative Assistants - Theresa Rodriguez, Rebecca Sorrentini

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Students can transfer to our UNIS Manhattan Campus to continue their UNIS education to International Baccalaureate level and to prepare for college entry. Alternatively, students are provided with the necessary intellectual challenge while at Queens to enable them to gain entry into prestigious public and parochial high schools in New York City and beyond.

The UNIS Queens Campus offers students a unique environment combining the warmth and security of a community school with the UNIS academic program of intellectual rigor and challenge. The cultural diversity of our students and their families enriches school life and enhances our international mission.