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The excitement of college counseling at UNIS is that the world is our campus. Each year our students apply to and enroll at universities in ten or more countries outside of the United States.

UNIS students are educated to become lifelong learners and active, responsible citizens fully prepared to continue their studies anywhere in the world. Our graduates leave UNIS to attend colleges and universities across the United States and in many other nations.

Admissions officers value applications from UNIS because they know that our students contribute a distinctive maturity, intellectual vitality, and broad outlook to their student body. Our International Baccalaureate curriculum imparts a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent research, critical and creative thought, and international-mindedness. Grounded with the knowledge and skills from the IB curriculum and other classes, UNIS graduates easily adapt to the rigor of college academics.

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Introduction to College Planning (February) held in mid-winter launches 11th grade families on their college search. The range of college-planning activities offered by the college office is described in depth at this meeting. (February 12 from 6pm to 7:30pm - in the theater)

Future Planning Seminars (March -May) are designed to assist 11th grade students in addressing the various components of college selection. The importance of decision-making, becoming informed about college options, learning how to use various resources and understanding the details related to the college selection process are among the topics covered.

Parent Coffees (March-May) a series of meetings in the spring of 11th grade enables parents to meet informally with the college counselors to discuss topics of interest.

Powerpoint Presentation - Parents' Workshop on March 12

Powerpoint Presentation - Parents' Workshop on April 14

Powerpoint Presentation - Parents' Workshop on Financial Aid - April 14

College Fair at UNIS (April) is held each spring for 11th grade students and parents. This event attracts admissions representatives from 150 colleges in the U.S., Canada and U.K.

Breakfast with Admissions (September) provides a chance for 12th grade students and parents to gain practical information about the college process through small group workshops conducted by admissions officers on application options and writing the college essay. Participants also review actual applications and partake in a simulation of an admissions committee.

Individual College Visits (September - December) to UNIS give seniors the opportunity to meet college representatives face to face in small group settings and gain direct information about colleges of interest to them. Each Fall, 60-80 colleges schedule visit UNIS.

Financial Aid Information Program (October) for 12th grade families provides guidance on the process of the various types of aid and how to apply.

Making the Most out of High School (November) offered in the Fall of 9th grade introduces students and parents to the various facets of the college selection process and provides guidance to younger students as to how they can develop greater personal awareness as to their strengths and interests through participation in summer programs and school activities

The Interview Workshop (May) led by an admission professional conducting mock interviews provides students the chance to learn about this important aspect of the admissions process.

Senior Seminars (May) throughout 11th and 12th grade deal with transition issues such money management, sexual orientation, health and wellness, diversity on campus, time management, campus safety, relationships and leaving home. Guest speakers are brought in to address these various topics.

Letting Go (May) This program provides insight for parents on various transition topics


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Associate Director of College Counseling
Marjorie Nieuwenhuis
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Co-Directors of College Counseling
Mallika Ramdas
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Co-Directors of College Counseling
Paul Greene
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Associate Director of College Counseling
Tiffani Hooper
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Administrative Assistant
Elsa Aguayo
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Administrative Assistant
Jennie Gonzalez
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"Each year admission results bring distinction to our students and their families and to the entire UNIS community."

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