Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At UNIS we believe in all ideals embedded in the UN Charter, which include the dignity and worth of every human being. We are advocates for diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and anti-racism. 

Our goal is for every single member of our community to feel valued and be treated with dignity and respect and experience a sense of belonging as their true authentic selves.

We are committed to serving a diversified school community. We intend to set an example of what an integrated, all-inclusive, multiracial democracy can look like.

We agree

  • that we are committed to reaching this goal to the best of our knowledge and ability, and understand that the path is an ongoing work in progress that requires constant and consistent attention and guidance on the parts of all involved;
  • to engage with humility, knowing that when we question others’ words and actions, we simultaneously reflect on our own.

We humbly thank Black@UNIS for launching us on this journey.  In May of 2020 the leadership of UNIS listened to their call to action as well the voices of our students, teachers and parents.

"Respect human rights and the basic dignity of all people. Challenge injustice. Take care of each other."

Dr. Judith King-Calnek
Director of DEI

Our Team

Our Journey

2020-21: Responding to the Call and Setting the Foundation
  • Created position of Director of DEI 
  • Equity & Inclusion Board (EIB) and other student groups established
  • PA DEI Committee formed (largest PA committee)
  • Black@UNIS Scholarship established
2021-22: Articulating the Plan
  • Strategic Framework developed 
  • Students acquired permission from the artist (Brooklyn-based French artist Quentin Monge)  to reproduce the painting Black Lives Matter
  • Equity & Inclusion Board Conference on Gender Norms & Feminist Theory
2022-23: Advancing the work
  • Students hosted and attended various DEIJ events 
  • School Leadership and Board completed the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Faculty and staff participated in data mapping to identify next steps
2023-24: Strengthening Community