Executive Director, Dan Brenner, at speaking at the UN General Assembly Hall


Dear UNIS Community,

One year ago today I began my tenure at UNIS.  It has been an incredible journey, more than I could have hoped for.  I have learned much about international education, the United Nations, the cultural richness of the UNIS community and the passion that students, families, and staff have for this amazing institution. 

I have learned that this school, more than any I have seen, believes in its mission and looks to realize it each and every day.  UNIS, the School of the UN, embodies its ideals of making the world a better place while seeking to cultivate our future leaders in a global society.  Whether it be by “greening the blue,” our quest toward supporting sustainability, or debating critical global topics in the General Assembly Hall at our UNIS-UN Student Conference, this is a school that attempts to help students actualize what they learn.

I have also learned that UNIS distinguishes itself because of the relationships it fosters.  Built on a foundation of acceptance, our students come from all over the world and are embraced for being who they are.  The connection among the students and staff is readily palpable, resulting in an environment where students are happy to come to school.

Finally, I have learned that this is a school that finds reasons to celebrate.  We celebrate the achievement of our students in academics, music, the arts, athletics, and much more.  We celebrate the richness of the many cultures that we represent. And most importantly, we celebrate who we are as a school.

I know I am fortunate to lead this storied institution, and I am committed to promoting all that we stand for as I begin my second year as Executive Director. 

Dan Brenner, Ph.D.