Dan Brenner, Executive Director

Dan Brenner, PhD, earned a Bachelor's Degree in psychology from Tufts University and a Master's Degree and Ph.D. in School/Clinical Psychology from Hofstra University. Dan's career started first as a school psychologist and   then principal in the Great Neck, New York Public Schools. He later became the high school principal in Yorktown,   New York, and an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in the Roslyn, New York   Public Schools. Dan spent 8 years as the Superintendent of Schools in Roslyn and moved on to become the   Superintendent of Schools in Darien, Connecticut in 2015.

The driving force in his career is his philosophy of putting the needs of students first. Dan's belief system is that   schools should be rigorous places of learning that inspire curiosity among its students never losing sight of the   simple fact that rigor and fun can coexist as partners in the learning process.

Michael Feeney, Chief Financial Officer

Michael Feeney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Maine, a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Western Kentucky University and is certified by the State of Connecticut in School Business Management.

Michael brings to the position more than 21 years’ experience managing diverse municipalities and operations of public boards of education in Fairfield County Connecticut.   Prior to being named Chief Financial Officer for UNIS in 2019, Michael was the Director of Finance and Operations for the Darien Public School System in Darien, Connecticut, responsible for finances, information technology, food service, facilities and transportation. 

He began his career serving the Town of Stratford Connecticut as the Town Manager.  In 2007, Michael served as the Chief Administrative Officer and later Chief Financial Officer for Bridgeport, Connecticut, the State’s largest municipality, fifth largest in New England.   In that capacity he oversaw more than 1,300 employees and 1 billion dollars in operating, capital and pension assets.  After, he returned to the Town of Stratford as the Chief Operating Officer for the Board of Education.  

Barbara Kennedy, Chief Academic Officer

Barbara Kennedy | Administrator for Special Projects at United Nations International School (UNIS)

Barbara Kennedy joined UNIS in1981. Over subsequent years, she has served as a learning specialist, counselor, assistant principal, and in 2017 Barbara became the Queens' campus principal. 

Before joining UNIS, Barbara was a middle school math and homeroom teacher. Barbara received degrees in Psychology and Education from Queens College. She has a Master’s Degree in Special Education as well as in School Counseling, both from Hofstra University and has New York State certification in those areas. In addition she has done graduate work in Educational Administration at Long Island University’s C.W. Post Campus.

Barbara's work in learning support and counseling have shaped her belief in the importance of recognizing each student as an individual learner, as well as a member of a class community. With that recognition comes the understanding that school is about much more than pure academics; that for students to be successful, they must feel safe, valued and supported. As both an educator and a parent, Barbara believes that a collaborative relationship between school and home enhances the educational experience for the student. She sees these beliefs as foundational to a student-centered approach.

Barbara’s primary professional area of interest is curriculum development and assessment and she has served on numerous curriculum committees at UNIS, including as co-chair of the Curriculum Sub-committee during UNIS’ previous CIS accreditation. Barbara has also attended the Principals’ Training Center, along with professional development in a number of areas related to curriculum and assessment.

Debora Belfield, Director of Human Resources

Debora Belfield holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from William Paterson University and a Master of Arts Degree from Caldwell University in Educational Leadership.

Debora brings to the position more than 22 years of experience managing the multifaceted functions of human resources in an educational environment. Her administrative experience consists of a variety of Human Resources skills giving her a diverse background in both urban and suburban public school districts. Debora started her career in education taking on many roles within the Business Department for public schools before moving into her career as an HR professional. She started as an Assistant Director of Human Resources and later became Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer; a role she held in New Jersey public schools for the past 15 years.

Debora takes pride in her humanistic approach to the profession of human resources and is most fulfilled by helping others be the best version of themselves. Through caring collaboration and open communications, Debora believes that we can shape a better world!