With over 125 different nations represented within the student body, the UNIS curriculum is designed to reflect the mission and guiding principles of the school. Providing an optimal environment for our students is central to teaching and learning at UNIS. As such, our Teaching and Learning Policy further amplifies and directs our educational thinking and practice.

In the formative years, we offer a rigorous age-appropriate, school-designed curriculum, which is based on latest research and expressed through a coherent set of standards and benchmarks in all subject areas: from Pre -kindergarten to Grade 10 (Tutorial 2). Our Junior and Senior students (Tutorial 3/4) enroll in the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) or IB Courses, where the range of subjects offered at UNIS is truly impressive. Within the framework of IB requirements, our students have the possibility of choice from over 200 course combinations. Our graduating students leave us to attend some of the best universities around the world. As they continue along their journey as learners, we take pride in the individual successes they have achieved at UNIS and celebrate their opportunity for continued growth as life-long learners and informed and active global citizens.