The excitement of college counseling at UNIS is that the world is our campus. Each year our students apply to and enroll at universities in ten or more countries outside of the United States.

UNIS students are educated to become lifelong learners and active, responsible citizens fully prepared to continue their studies anywhere in the world. Our graduates leave UNIS to attend colleges and universities across the United States and in many other nations.

Admissions officers value applications from UNIS because they know that our students contribute a distinctive maturity, intellectual vitality, and broad outlook to their student body. Our International Baccalaureate curriculum imparts a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent research, critical and creative thought, and international-mindedness. Grounded with the knowledge and skills from the IB curriculum and other classes, UNIS graduates easily adapt to the rigor of college academics.

Stay up-to-date with the College Office

For current students, the following resources are available: 

  • College Corner: This weekly bulletin, linked in each week's Tut House Newsletter, is the primary resource for information from the College Office. It includes links to important documents, upcoming deadlines, useful instructions, notices about upcoming events and college visitors, and highlights from past events you may have missed.
  • Schoology: The College Office Team posts updates to Schoology with important reminders, exciting event invitations, and all visits from college representatives.
  • SCOIR: This software helps you and your college counselor organize your college search and application process. Students receive access to SCOIR, and training about how to use it, in the spring of junior year. 
  • Email: The College Office sometimes sends important alerts via broadcast email, and individual counselors may send emails to their students/families with important updates about the application process.

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Meet our Office

Director of College Counseling
Christine Pluta
(212) 584-3149

Associate Director of College Counseling
Minal Dhand
(212) 584-3101

Associate Director of College Counseling
Sarah Jahries
(212) 584-3072

Associate Director of College Counseling
Brooke Smith
(212) 584-3147

Associate Director of College Counseling
Patrick Martinez
(212) 584-3060

Administrative Assistant
Shardae Bonaparte 
(212) 584-3004