The UNIS Mission and Guiding Principles underpin our curriculum and its design, review, development and delivery. Guided by the ideals of the United Nations, the curriculum affirms the fundamental value of diversity in the education of our future leaders, activists, and innovators. The value of students' unique passions and learning strengths are recognized as they direct their own personal educational trajectories in dialogue with a diverse community. 
At UNIS, learning is defined as a process that leads to sustained and demonstrable consolidation or extension of conceptual understanding, competency learning and character development. These three types of learning capacities constantly interact together and serve as the DNA of our approach to learning across the school. 
Accredited by the International Baccalaureate, the Council of Independent Schools, and the New York State Association of Independent Schools, the UNIS curriculum aligns to  Common Core Math Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, NY Next Generation ELA standards, and British Columbia Social Studies Standards.

Subject Overview PreK-12

As a founding school of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the UNIS learner profile mirrors that of the IB. UNIS is committed to develop learners who: 

  • Inquire
  • Have knowledge
  • Think
  • Communicate
  • Are principled
  • Are open-minded
  • Care
  • Take risks
  • Are balanced
  • Are reflective