The International Baccalaureate is the capstone of the academic program at UNIS. An integrated program for the last two years of secondary school, the IB offers a comprehensive curriculum, both broad and deep, which emphasizes rigor and excellence in academic preparation. UNIS has participated in the IB from its earliest days: the International Schools Examination Syndicate (ISES) was established in Geneva in 1963 -- its name later being changed to International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) -- and UNIS joined as a formal participant in 1965. Since that time the IB Programme has grown to include over 3700 participating schools in over 140 countries. Most universities in the United States and Canada recognize the quality of the IB Programme by giving advanced placement and course credit.

  • Diploma and Course programs provide opportunities for entry into universities worldwide
  • Grades are awarded on the basis of a multi-faceted international assessment
  • The IB promotes international understanding
  • IB fosters intellectual inquiry and a humanitarian perspective

All T3/4 UNIS students are IB Candidates and study six subjects, usually one is selected from each of the subject groups.

For the IB Course program this is a mix of higher level courses (representing 240 teaching hours), standard level courses (representing 150 teaching hours) and UNIS designed courses ( also representing 150 teaching hours) .

For the IB Diploma program three IB subjects are studied at higher level, and the remaining three IB subjects are studied at standard level.

All three parts of the IB program's core—extended essay, theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service—are compulsory for an IB Diploma and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma Program

International Baccalaureate at UNIS

All students are counseled by a team including teachers, team leaders, guidance counselor, college counselor, IB coordinator, advisors, and the high school principal, to arrive at a selection of subjects that best suits their needs. Students at UNIS choose from a wide variety of IB courses.

All UNIS students are International Baccalaureate (IB) candidates. Students take the IB Course Program consisting of individual IB courses and sit IB exams in these courses, or they take the IB Diploma Program as described below. Students who are selected for IB courses should demonstrate significant academic achievement and a high level of motivation and commitment.

The IB programs for all UNIS students require study of six subjects:

  1. Language A (first language or language of instruction)
  2. Language B (second language)
  3. Individuals and Societies
  4. Experimental Sciences
  5. Mathematics
  6. A further option (possibly Art, Music, Theater, Film, or a supplementary subject from Groups 1-4)

and a CORE: Individual Project (Extended Essay or Senior Project), TOK (optional for IB Courses program) and the CAS (Creativity, Action and Service).

To earn an IB Diploma, three of the six subjects must be offered at the Higher Level and the rest at the Standard Level. All Higher Level subjects and Standard Level subjects are studied over two years. At the Higher Level, course work covers a greater range and depth of content and requires more instructional time. The core of Extended Essay, TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and CAS are required to earn the IB Diploma.

Facts & figures of  IB The Diploma Programme around the world. 1.3 million DP graduates from over 140 countries.

IB Coordinator

Anthony Staccone
(212) 684 - 3006