Student Support Services

SST Mission

To foster and support an environment where students of differing abilities and needs can feel safe and achieve success at UNIS.

● Tiered and supportive approach: aspires to remove barriers and increase accessibility to learning.
● Achieved through intervention, consultation, collaboration with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and outside providers
● Provide proactive and preventative consultation, and program development
● Offer short/long-term interventions to remediate academic/learning/behavioral/social emotional issues
● Referrals to outside providers when additional support is relevant

Junior School

Psychologist: Dr. Dana Marnin, 212-584-3151, 


Alyssa Frost (J2/J4), 212-584-3096,

Amy Iamundo (J1/J3 ), 212-584-3005, 

Learning Specialists:

Karen Ager (Literacy),

Carmen Escobar (Literacy), 

Samantha Mosher (Mathematics),

Middle School

Psychologist: Dr. Rachel Matoto, 212-584-3015,


Jared Smith (M1/M2),

Elizabeth Sheridan (M3/M4), 212-584-3130,

Learning Specialists:

Julie Banfer (Literacy), 212-584-3023,

Ixchell Tolentino (Literacy), 212-584-3023,

Megan Roberts (Math), 212-584-3011, 

Tutorial House

Psychologist: Dr. Amy Horowitz, 212-584-3092,


Dennis Lacey (T1/T3), 212-584-3003 Ext: 3003, 

Demmy Lukas (T1/T2), 212-584-3132,

Sarah Maley (T1/T4), 212-584-3021,

Learning Specialists:

Neda Esfan (Math/Science), 212-584-3028,

Andrea McLean (Literacy), 212-584-3152,

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