We welcome families interested in taking a tour or joining an open house at either of our campuses. 


Kindergarten Open House: For the Manhattan campus, there will be an Open House for parents interested in learning about the kindergarten program, and it will be held on Wednesday, 10 June from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  This tour will be either online or at the school, and we will notify parents a week before the event about which form it will take.  Parents interested in attending the Open House should make a reservation by clicking on the Ravenna button below. We will also hold online tours of kindergarten through September, as described below, and all the information covered at the Open House will be included in each tour.

Tours: Online tours of UNIS are held through September, and there are separate tours for all three divisions of the school as well as a tour of the entire school.  We're happy to accommodate parents' schedules and can schedule the tours whenever is convenient for families.  To schedule a tour, parents should please tell us their preferred days and times and the part of the school they'd like to see by emailing admissions@unis.org.



Open House: There will be a Virtual Open House for parents on Monday, 29 June  at 7:00 pm. for kindergarten to eighth grade   Parents interested in attending that Open House should make a reservation by clicking on the Ravenna button below. 

Tours: At this time, the school building is currently closed. Online tours of UNIS Queens can be arranged by contacting Queens Admissions Officer, Rebecca Sorrentini, at rsorrentini@unis.org. Please indicate the preferred day and time for the tour in your email.