Welcome UNIS Alumni! This page is designed for alumni, parents of alumni and former faculty and staff. On this page you can find out how to reconnect with your classmates, update your information, identify your class ambassador, plan your next visit, catch up on the latest alumni and former faculty news, and find past graduation photos.

Our goal is to help you connect with your classmates, friends and teachers. We encourage you to become involved in our alumni activities, dedicate time to help us reach out to others and show your support for our school.

We have a UNIS Alumni LinkedIn group where you can find your friends and network with other alumni (search "United Nations International School Alumni Group" within LinkedIn). We also have an Alumni Directory (link available below; request access by emailing to help you stay in touch with your classmates. These resources are a part of our continued effort to expand our outreach and keep our alumni community strong and connected.

Alumni Directory

Alumni Information and Visits

Update Your Information & Share News

Plan Your Visit

Please read the alumni visitor policy below and fill out the visitor form prior to your visit. Thank you!

In general, visiting times should be limited to Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We request that you plan a visit during days when class is in session, and not during school closures, holidays, or the summer. Please see our School Calendar for reference.

If you are planning to visit the school in order to see a faculty or staff member, we request that the faculty member inform the security staff of the day and approximate time of the visit. If you arrive and we have not been informed by the faculty or staff person, we will try to locate the faculty member and have him/her come to meet you in the lobby.

Please let security know you attended UNIS, and provide identification. We will look up your name in the alumni database, retain the ID and provide you with an alumni pass. Please keep the pass visible at all times while on campus.

If you wish to come to the school simply to visit, let us know and we will go through the same process. You will be able to walk through the school on your own; we request that you complete your visit by 4:00 p.m. Naturally, these procedures will not apply if you are coming to attend an event at the school, as those situations will have separate registration procedures.

Find Your Class Ambassador


Class Ambassadors 1960’s/1970’s
1962 Margaret R. Bloebaum & Robert Hahn
1967 Paul Jankowski
1968 Inda Sechzer
1969 Hernán Reyes
1970 Jennifer Mathieu
1971 Nina Chacko
1972 Mia Goldman
1973 Philip Corradini
1974 Alain Chesnais
1975 Pia Chesnais
1976 Steven Ekstract & Rona Wronker
1977 Daniel Levitas & Wendy Sobey
1978 Willie Weinbaum
1979 Aviva Chansky Guttmann

Class Ambassadors 1980’s
1981 Erin Kelly & Almaz Zelleke
1982 Timur Friedman
1983 Susie Tanenbaum
1984 Alex Grossman & Andrew Brust
1985 Veronique Chesnais Christensen
1986 Kira Wehn & Delphine Michaud
1987 Michael Bobbitt & Sonny Ago
1989 Robert Whelan

Class Ambassadors 1990’s
1990 Djeinabu Neneh Diallo
1991 Amal Shady
1992 Tejal Shah
1993 Udai Tambar
1994 Marie Claire Lim Moore
1995 Alexander (Sasha) Bouis & Ruvan Jagoda
1996 Damian Jackson
1997 David Miller
1998 Nicole Cramer
1999 Ashwini Jayaratnam

Class Ambassadors 2000’s
2000 Lisa Van Eyndhoven & Anna Friedberg
2002 Allie Brown & Sacha (Schwimmer) Jarrell
2003 Katie Williams
2004 Hanna Jamal
2005 Marielle Mindlin
2006 Abimbola Dairo
2007 Madison McCullough
2008 Michael Khayyat, Donia Abdelaziz & Max Markham
2009 Maya Kurien
2011 Rajko Radovanovic & Angelique Ray
2013 Ariel Henig
2014 Aditi Sundaram
2015 Ruth Bamuwamye, Leah Eskinder & Aditya Shukla
2016 Boris Niyonzima & Eva Kashuk
2017 Vincent Lin

Regional Alumni Ambassadors
Botswana: Salim Mosidinyane
Canada: Alain Chesnais
Egypt: Othaylat Suliman
France: Kathryn Thorup, Timur Friedman
Israel: Yaniv Azar
Kenya: Othaylat Suliman
Luxembourg: Dionysios Kaskarelis
Switzerland: Paula Dupraz-Dobias
Turkey: Yasemin Dobra-Manco
Uganda: Othaylat Suliman
United Arab Emirates: Othaylat Suliman
United Kingdom: Alexandra Bourdelon

UNIS Fund Alumni Ambassadors
UNIS Fund Alumni Chair: Neil Smith, Class of 81
1971 Marie-Helene Chatel
1978 Xavier Cabanne
1982 Francesca Cook-Hagen
1983 Brad C. Deutsch
1984 Andrew J. Brust
1986 Lance H. Brown
1987 Carl Haacke


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