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This page is designed for alumni, parents of alumni, and former faculty and staff. On this page, you can find out how to reconnect with your classmates, update your information, identify your class ambassador, plan your next visit, catch up on the latest alumni and former faculty news, and find past graduation photos.

Our goal is to help you connect with your classmates, friends, and teachers. We encourage you to become involved in our alumni activities, school events, dedicate time to help us reach out to others, and show your support for our school.

We have a UNIS Alumni LinkedIn group where you can find your friends and network with other alumni, click here to access (or search "United Nations International School Alumni Group" within LinkedIn). The  alumni directory is going through a major upgrade and is offline. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience.  If you need assistance, please email vtatel@unis.org. to help you stay in touch with your classmates. These resources are a part of our continued effort to expand our outreach and keep our alumni community strong and connected.

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What does UNIS mean to you?

To hear UNIS alumni speak about what UNIS means to them, head to our Alumni Profiles section.

Our Alumni

"As a proud UNIS Survivor, I’m lucky to still be part of this community: surrounded by happy students, diverse faculty & staff, & fascinating alumni, all of whom I can call family."

Vera Tatel, UNIS Class of 2000

"...among the many cherished UNIS tenets, one that I have taken with me to college is a commitment to being an informed and prudent global citizen."

Ali Mirza, UNIS Class of 2017