We love to have UNIS alumni back for visits!

*COVID Alumni Update:*

UNIS is committed to engaging with alumni on campus and believes strongly in building a sense of community. Alumni who wish to visit campus must preschedule a visit with the Alumni Office and must be fully vaccinated. 

To schedule your visit, please email Vera Tatel (vtatel@unis.org).

Please read the alumni visitor policy below and email vtatel@unis.org prior to your visit. Thank you! 

Visiting times should be limited to Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We request that you plan a visit during days when class is in session, and not during school closures, holidays, or the summer. Please see our School Calendar for reference.

If you are planning to visit the school in order to see a faculty or staff member, we request that the faculty member inform Security Staff of the day and approximate time of the visit. If you arrive and we have not been informed by the faculty or staff person, we will try to locate the faculty member and have him or her come to meet you in the lobby.

Upon arrival at UNIS, please let Security know you attended UNIS, provide government-issued ID, and let Security know who you are here to visit. Security will provide you with a Visitor's Pass that should be visible at all times while on campus.

These procedures will not apply if you are coming to attend an event at the school, as those situations will have separate registration procedures which you would adhere to.