"Arts are fundamental to the human condition—an essential source of communication, expression and understanding."

UNIS arts programs offer opportunities for studio practice, problem solving, and cultural investigation through classical and contemporary music, acting, directing, and playwriting, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, computer graphics, and digital photography.

By studying different artistic traditions, students become aware of the cultural contexts that inform perception and imagination and begin to see their own work in context.

UNIS recently revamped the theater arts programs in Manhattan and Queens. In Manhattan, the addtion of a state-of-the art Black Box Theater Classroom will support our growing Performing Arts curriculum.

One of our goals is to propel UNIS into its rightful place as a leader in every form of the arts. Especially here in New York City – so that UNIS is a place where all students -- including gifted and talented young artists,musicians and actors, will clamor to join.