Private Lessons

The United Nations International School Music Department offers private instruction on a wide range of orchestral and band instruments as well as guitar, voice, and piano. UNIS is privileged to have world-class performing artists on our teaching staff who conveniently teach private music lessons to our students right on campus. We encourage UNIS families to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to expand their children’s education and talent. Please go to  to register your student for our program! A detailed description of the program can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Private Lesson Coordinator, and Co-Team Leader, Allegra Levy. or (212) 584-3168.



Welcome to UNIS Private Lessons!

Private instruction is offered at additional cost to parents and, in the case of the orchestral instruments (all except piano, voice & guitar), is a required co-requisite to the instrumental program in the Middle School and the Tutorial House.

In Queens, students who participate in the private lesson program are expected to perform in two yearly recitals. Students are also encouraged to participate in the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and NYSSMA (New York State Schools’ Music Association) performance exams, held in the spring.

All of the specialist music teachers are hired for their skill as performers and their experience in working with young musicians. They are graduates of schools such as Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, New York University, Brooklyn College, School for Strings and Teachers' College. Besides being active solo and chamber recitalists, they also perform regularly with groups such as the New York Chamber Ensemble, New Jersey Symphony, Dave Brubeck Orchestra, Brooklyn Philharmonic, American Symphony Orchestra and in current Broadway musicals.

We are extremely fortunate to have world-class performing artists teaching our students. They teach highly specialized music techniques and performance skills, and offer our UNIS families the added convenience of having lessons right on the school’s campus. We encourage UNIS families to take advantage of this opportunity to further their children’s well-rounded education and refine their talent. We’re looking forward to continuing with our amazing returning students and welcoming in some new ones!


Allegra Levy
Private Lesson Coordinator (212) 584-3168

Policies, Registration , and Rentals


Private Lesson Policies

UNIS Music Private Lesson Program


UNIS Music Private Lesson Program

General Information

  • Attendance:

  • Private Lessons are a serious full-year commitment.

  • Attendance is required for every lesson. The teacher has reserved a time slot and room for your student for the entire year.

  • Excused absences are only school mandatory events such as camps. Sports or other extra-curricular activities, or last minute scheduling conflicts (i.e. the musical or clubs) are not considered excused absences.

  • Missed lessons are not refunded except in the case of a teacher absence (that is not made up,) or an excused absence.

  • If your student has a lesson during lunch, they are responsible for letting their teacher know about any field trip or school related conflicts. The teacher will not be informed otherwise.

  • Extra-Curricular Conflicts (Sports, Theater, Clubs etc.)

  • If your student is planning to participate in the school musical/theater productions, please make sure to inform the teacher as soon as possible. The productions already have a schedule planned. Do not plan to have lessons on the same day as rehearsals.

  • If your student is planning to participate in the athletics program here at UNIS, they have already printed their schedule for the year. You must inform your private lesson teacher of any games or potential conflicts in advance.

  • Missed lessons are not refunded for extra-curricular activity conflicts.

  • Please schedule your lessons carefully to ensure that your student can attend.

  • You may reschedule lessons at the beginning of each semester for any absences that you are aware of in advance.

  • Student Illness or Injury

    Emergencies and extreme injury that keeps your student from playing their instrument will be considered for excused absences. Other illness is not considered an excused absence unless the teacher can fill that lesson slot with another student.


    24- Hour Notice

  • If your student will be missing lessons in any capacity, we ask that you please communicate with your teacher and the private lesson coordinator at least 24-hours in advance. This advance notice does not mean that you will be refunded for the missed lesson.

  • Make-ups are not required for our Teaching Artists. They will offer make-ups as their professional schedule allows.


    After four lessons, no refund will be offered for the semester, and you will be held responsible for the rest of the scheduled lessons. If you wish to discontinue after the first semester, please give two weeks notice before the second semester so as not to be billed, and to allow other students to be scheduled.


  • Billing occurs twice a year, once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. It is processed through your student’s UNIS account.

  • You are billed for the number of lessons that your student has received (and any unexcused absences) during each semester (the number of lessons varies slightly depending on the day of the week).

  • Each student is required to pay a $45 registration fee, and a recital fee at the cost of one private lesson.

  • Students are NOT BILLED for days when school is not in session, holidays, or school mandatory events/camps that take place outside of school.

  • Extra-curricular activities (i.e. sports, clubs, school theater productions, regular doctor appointments etc.) are NOT considered excused absences warranting credit.

  • Please give your teacher at least 24-hours notice prior to any absence of any kind.

  • All students are expected to perform in spring studio recitals and there is an extra lesson fee.

  • Billing adjustments will happen only at the end of each semester.

  • Lesson fees do not include instrument rentals, printed music, reeds, strings, or any other accessories that may be required for your private lessons.

Tips to maximize your child’s musical education

Who should take lessons? Is it the right time?

Private lessons are not right for everyone. Please consider carefully you and your child’s commitment before becoming a part of our program.

Student Interest is essential. You may be very eager to expose your child to a strong musical education, but if the student is not enthusiastic to begin, we strongly advise waiting. In the meantime, exposure to quality music via concerts, playing music in the house, radio, etc. will do much to lead them on a path toward wanting to play.

Your involvement as a parent is a necessary component for your student to get the most out of their private lessons. At the beginning of the year, we encourage you to talk with the teacher about ways you can participate and tools that you can employ to help your child succeed.

Yes, this should be fun for your student, but learning music is like learning a language and requires discipline and consistent practice and encouragement from the teacher and family.

A Year Commitment is imperative in order to see real results, and for the students to enjoy their musical education.




Registration Form

Please go to to register and get more information about our program! 


Student can rent their instruments online at

Rentals are for 10 month trials.

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet
$110.00 rental fee + $25.00 liability damage waiver (ldw) + $11.98 tax for a total of $146.98. There is a $30.00 per month fee after the 10 month trial if not renewed or returned by July 1st

Alto Saxophone
$200.00 rental fee + $35.00 liability damage waiver (ldw) + $20.86 tax for a total of $255.86. A $43.00 per month fee after the 10 month trial applies if not renewed or returned by July 1st

Tenor saxophone, baritone horn, Euphonium, Bass Clarinet, French Horn
$275.00 rental fee + $45.00 liability damage waiver (ldw) + $28.39 taxtotal $348.39. A $60.00 per month fee after the 10 month trial applies if not renewed or returned by July 1st.

*The liability damage waiver (ldw) covers all repairs and theft as long as a police report is obtained within 72 hours of the incident.

Online Rental Instructions:
Go to:
Click on the rentals tab.
Enter your zip code.
Select your child’s grade level.
Select the school name from the drop down menu.
Select an instrument.
Select fall delivery.
Follow the remaining instructions to complete the rental process.

For rental questions contact:
Nancy Kushner
Educational Representative: Music & Arts
New York City
Music & Arts Customer Service – 1-800-347-1116 ext. 1