UNIS Athletics Council

The UNIS Athletic Council (UAC) is a group of Tutorial House students that work directly with the Athletic Department and focus on providing and improving communication between students, coaches, and the administration, as well as encouraging students to participate in athletic extracurricular activities. From organizing fan buses to holding exciting fundraising events, the UAC is committed to raising school spirit, pride, and creating a more vibrant athletic atmosphere at UNIS. The club consists of two Presidents, two Vice Presidents, and several Secretaries, Team Representatives, and Public Relations Officers who are constantly working hard to maintain structure and transparency within the athletic community at UNIS. If you are interested in joining the UAC, or simply have a question or helpful criticism, head on down to the second floor gym to speak to Athletic Director Mr. Davison, or send him an at ddavison@unis.org.

The UNIS Athletic Council consistently strives to:

1) Increase School Spirit– this entails promoting games and events while encouraging more students to be active and join sports teams

2) Publicize Athletics –the UAC helps to get the face of athletics out to the community (i.e. through taking photos)

3) Run Sports Day – including helping with organization

4) Organize Awards Ceremonies– students help Mr. Davison on the day of and before with organization

5) Talk at School Assemblies– the council presents 5 minute “Sports Report” at assemblies

6) Fundraise– members raise money to pay for team essentials such as uniforms, while also funding for fun sports-related activities during the school year

7) Improve Communication –it is essential to convey important messages/announcements back to the team from the Athletic Department

UAC Executive Committee consists of:

1 Athletic Director

2 Athletes

2 Presidents (to also report to the Student Council)

2 Vice Presidents

1 Secretary

1 Treasurer

1 Social Convener (Public Relations Officer)

1 Jr. President (from UNIS Middle School)

Positions Explained

Presidents communicate with UNIS Administration about relevant issues, organize buses to sports games, meet with the Student Council and plan awards ceremonies and sports day.

Vice Presidents plan fundraising events, work with team representatives to get feedback from UNIS athletic teams, and help to organize orders for UNIS “spirit clothing”.

The Secretary works with Athletic Director Mr. Davison on scheduling for games and takes notes during meetings.

The Treasurer manages the council’s finance and helps to run fundraising events.

The Public Relations Officer publicizes events around UNIS and reaches out to students to encourage participation in athletic activities through email, posters, and other forms of communication.

The Junior President helps to plan MS athletic activities and expresses issues related to the Middle School.

The Election Process

The UNIS Athletic Council takes many steps to ensure that the election process is fair and just for all student applicants. All athletes, past and/or present, are encouraged to apply openly (for any position) or for a specific spot in the Executive Committee. Students must express their reasons for applying, what they hope to accomplish if elected, and their current extra-curricular commitments. After the deadline, the Athletic Director and existing council sort applications and begin to appoint students to positions. Much of the election process is reliant on the student-submitted writing that describes them and explains why they wish to be part of the UAC; however, if this fails to distinguish the ideal applicant for the position, students’ history of athletic dedication is considered. Students who have been consistently involved in sports during their time at school already demonstrate through this their eagerness to improve athletics at UNIS. Students who have not been involved in sports since Middle School or T1, however, are not necessarily at a disadvantage: we want the most enthusiastic members as possible! Furthermore, applicant-provided recommendations are considered as an extra supplement for the application.

Aside from the Executive Committee, “Team Representatives,” who act as managers for individual athletic teams, deal with their uniform issues, inform team members of practice changes and attend games, are also part of the UNIS Athletic Council. However, Team Reps are chosen by team members and coaches to simplify the election process while ensuring that the representatives are managing for teams that are of interest to them. Such students are not required to attend all UAC meetings, but are encouraged to voice the opinions and concerns of the team that they manage.