Guidance & Health Services

Student Guidance

The guidance counselors work closely with the principals, teachers and learning specialists to provide support to all aspects of learning. Counselors provide individual personal and academic counseling, and small group sessions, and facilitate workshops devoted to social, personal and academic topics for students and faculty.

Student Health

A nurse is always available during the school day at the Manhattan Campus Health Center between the hours of 8:00 and 6:00 pm. At the Queens Campus, all health matters are referred to the principal. The following apply to both campuses:

The Manhattan Health Center or the Queens Campus principal must be notified of any and all prescription medications used by students, and arrangements must be made with the nurse or Queens principal for their administration. It is crucial that the school be informed of the name, dose, and amount of any medications used in order to avoid interactions with other medication that may be given and to recognize any side effects that might occur. All such information will be kept confidential in the student’s health records. Under no circumstances may students give their medication to other students.

UNIS either requires medical leaves of absence or grants medical leaves of absence for students who are unable to engage constructively in school life for medical or psychological reasons. In those situations in which the school feels that a student’s safety or well-being or the safety or well-being of other students may be in jeopardy, a leave may be required. For those students who have engaged in suicidal behavior, are deemed at risk for suicidal behavior or persist in self-harming behavior, the school will require a medical leave of absence. The length of time for other medical leaves of absences shall be determined on an individual, case-by-case basis.

All new students must submit completed medical documentation (which includes immunization dates) through Magnus Health, located on the Parent Portal at the beginning of the school year. Returning students are expected to complete a physical examination every year. All forms must be submitted through Magnus Health on the UNIS Parent Portal.

Please refer to the Student and Parent Handbook for more detailed information about Student Health at UNIS