Parents Association

The UNIS Parents Association (PA) supports and advocates for our children and families by closely partnering with faculty, staff and families to create a positive learning and diverse community environment. It also supports the school's mission "to inspire its students to become an active force in shaping a better world: peaceful, compassionate and sustainable." We seek to:

  • Engage with UNIS families to increase interest in and understanding of the function of the PA.
  • Encourage and organize family and community volunteer opportunities by promoting programs and social activities that heighten school and international community spirit and promote humanitarian efforts.
  • Represent UNIS families and act as a conduit to raise awareness around community-wide questions or concerns, as well as improving communication channels within the parent community and between parents and the school.
  • Raise and distribute PA funds in a purposeful manner to support school-wide programs and enhance the education of our children.
  • Support school fundraising and outreach efforts which enhance school programs and initiatives.

The Parents Association is run by its own Executive Committee, which administers the PA budget and activities. UNIS families pay PA dues annually, and are all members of the Parents Association. All parents or guardians of UNIS students are encouraged to attend its monthly meetings and to become involved in its many committees and volunteer opportunities.

The Parents Association welcomes new families into our community through New2UNIS, which organizes weekly events in and around New York. Indeed, widespread parent participation is one of the hallmarks of the UNIS PA. Parent/guardian contributions of time and expertise are one of our most prized assets.