Clubs and Publications

Students can participate in a variety of clubs, committees and publications. Many of the more than fifty clubs increase awareness for causes and raise money to support them. Students attend academic conferences such as Model UN and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. There are a variety of student-led programs such as our annual UNIS-UN, Model UN, Human Rights Conferences and Teen Tech New York, where local and international students are invited to attend. A variety of community service efforts are tied into the mission of some clubs which take place throughout the school year. Additionally, editorial opportunities can be found in the student newspaper (UNISverse), Literary Magazine (LitMag) and our yearbook which features highlights from both campuses.

Tutorial House Clubs

2016-2017 UNIS Recognized Clubs

- A Better Education
- Adopt a Band
- All India Women's and Children's Organization (AIWCO)
- Asian Culture Club
- Chess Club
- Creative Writing Club
- Debate Society
- Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students (DAIS)
- Environmental Club
- Ghana Microfinance Club
- Girl Power!
- Girls in Tech (GIT)
- GoFresh
- He for She
- History Club
- Italian Culture Club
- Japanese Club
- Junior United Nations of Calligraphy
- Kids for Uganda (KFU)
- Language Exchange Club
- Law Club
- LitMag
- Math Club
- Model UN
- Neel Bagh
- Nepal Club
- New Music Club
- Outdoor Adventures
- Oxfam UNIS Division
- People for ALS (PALS)
- Philosophy Club
- Photography Club
- Physics Club
- Prevention and Awareness of Cancer (PAC)
- Project Rousseau
- Reaching Educating and Caring about Native Americans (REACANA)
- Refugee Crisis Club
- Robinhood (HOOD)
- Rubik's Cube Club (RCC)
- Science Club
- Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA)
- Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)
- Student Council
- Teen Tech NY (TTNY)
- UNIS Human Rights Club (HRC)
- UNIS Kids in Need (UNIS KIN)
- UNIS Korean Club (K-UNIS)
- UNISVerse
- UNISFeed
- Yearbook
- Youth for Literacy (YFL)

Middle School Clubs

M1/M2 Book Club

Ms. Danielle Lewis

M3/M4 Book Club

Ms. Danielle Lewis

Baking Club

Mr. Jared Smith

Journalism Club

Ms. Esme Turla & Mr. Drew Murphy

Coding Club

Ms. Donna Irwin, Ms. Theadora Khalifa, & Ms. Danielle Lewis

Drama Club

Mr. Tim Hall

Endangered Species (ESO)

Mr. Jared Smith

Environmental Club

Ms. Linda Miglierina & Ms. Julia Ferguson

Film Production Club

Mr. Tim Hall

iEquality Club

Ms. Elizabeth Sheridan

Knitting Club

Ms. Sam Mosher

Scifi/Comic Book Club

Mr. Jared Smith

Sketchbook and Doodling Club

Ms. Stacy Giandalia

M3/M4 Model UN Club

Ms. Sharifa El-Okdah & Mr. Eunan Meyler

Junior School Clubs

Green Team
Junior Council
Tech Leaders