Enrichment Trips and Environmental Programs

UNIS offers students curricular and extra curricular trip opportunities that enrich and enhance their classroom experience, through language, culture, and/or exchange programs.

Outdoor Environmental Programs & Retreats

Our Outdoor Environmental Education program consists of annual grade-wide excursions for students in Middle One through Tutorial Two. Students are exposed to nature and develop life skills through team building and problem solving exercises. The opportunity to socialize and bond with their classmates in beautiful natural surroundings creates lifelong connections and memories. Stay tuned for information regarding our upcoming trips.

T1 Retreat

T1 students will participate in an interactive all-day team-building activity in Manhattan on Friday 9/9 during regular school hours.

Please complete the parent permission form by clicking on this link.

T3 Retreat

T2 Frost Valley

T1 Canoe Trip


The T1 Outdoor Environmental Education Program on the Delaware River, in its 25th year at UNIS, is a camping and canoe trip taking place on Wednesday, May 18 through Friday, May 20, 2016.

This trip is a required part of the T1 curriculum. Please read all information on this website carefully.

You must complete the permission forms and waivers online (click here) and the pdf form "Prescription Medication Form" below in section "Forms and Waivers -- PLEASE COMPLETE" (only for students with Rx), due Tuesday, May 10.

*** PLEASE NOTE: If there is any urgent medical or other reason that will prevent your child from participating in this trip, a note from a parent/doctor must be brought to the Office of Student Activities (Rm 411) ASAP.***

If someone takes ill and cannot make it the day of the trip, please call Zak Baha at (212) 584-3026 (w) or (917) 270-8930 (c).

Emergency contacts are:

Zakaria Baha, Director of Student Activities -- (212) 584-3026 or (917) 270-8930

Fred Stine, Organizer-Delaware Riverkeeper Network -- (856) 816-8021- cell

Landers River Trips (Canoe Rental Company) -- (800) 252-3925

On Wednesday, May 18 students will load their gear at 6:45am, for a 7:15am departure.

On the day of return, Friday, May 20, the approximate time of arrival at UNlS is 6:00 pm, in front of school.

If you have any questions about the trip, please do not hesitate to call Zakaria Baha, Director of Student Activities, at (212) 584-3026 or zbaha@unis.org.

Itinerary and Information


Wednesday, May 18th

At 6:45am, students and chaperones will load buses located in the rear parking lot in UNIS. Buses will depart UNIS at 7:15am. Students arriving late may be left behind.

The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours. We cross the Delaware River near Milford, PA, and drive south on Rt. 209 (approx. 14 miles) into the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the National Park Service’s Eshback Access (on left) where the canoes and safety personnel will be waiting for us.

We will pack any baggage not needed for the day’s canoeing- e.g., sleeping bags- on to the canoe company's bus. Any items needed for the trip that day should be placed in a waterproof bag (canoeing "dry bag" loaned by the school) and secured in the canoe.

The Canoe Safety Team will give a quick welcome, a brief dry-land instruction and then an on-river demonstration of some very basic canoe paddling strokes. As we paddle down the river, the Safety Team will be available to help anyone that needs it. What’s really important is communications between you and the Safety Team. They obviously do not know your names, so they may call out and say “you in the front”... or, “you in the back…” Simply acknowledge that you hear them calling you. And if they give you instructions that you do not understand, simply say “I hear you, but do not understand what you want me to do.” They will then know they need to re-phrase the instructions.

The whole group will travel down the river in a flotilla led by National Canoe Safety Patrol personnel.

At lunchtime we will picnic on the banks of the river. This will be the only time during the trip that you will need to bring your own food from home. Plan a healthy lunch because you will be burning lots of carbs.

The first day’s journey is approximately 6.0 miles. In the late afternoon we will pull in at the River’s Bend National Park Service Campground, near Flatbrookville, New Jersey in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This is one of the most beautiful sections of the entire river. After securing their canoes, life jackets and paddles for the night, students pitch their tents and have free time until dinner.

There are rustic rest rooms available at the campgrounds but no showers. A catered buffet dinner will be served. Arrangements will be made for those with special dietary needs (please make sure to indicate this on your online form).

There will be an educational program by a reptile specialist in the evening. "Lights Out" will be at 10:00 pm. Quiet time is observed between 10:15 pm and 6:00am.

Thursday, May 19th

"Rise and Shine" is at 6:00am. We pack bags and tents and load them onto the bus. This requires a good deal of teamwork and cooperation. The first groups to load the bus must move their bags as far back into the bus as possible so that the doors of the bus aren’t blocked with gear before everything is loaded.

Buffet breakfast is at approximately 7:00am. We pick up packed lunches and drinks. To make sure we don’t leave any needed tent pegs, poles or clothing behind, we will form a long “sweep-line” and walk the campsite to make sure nothing gets left behind and the camp is cleaned of any trash.

Today's trip will be a relatively short 8.7 miles. We’ll arrive at the Worthington State Camp Grounds, New Jersey Division of Park and Forestry, by mid-afternoon. After lunch and pitching of their tents, the students may participate in any number of activities located adjacent to the campground, including basketball, soccer, or Frisbee. The Delaware Riverkeepers Network are also offering two optional activities:

(1) A moderately strenuous hike on a marked trail leading to the Appalachian Trail and Sunfish Pond. Hiking boots or at least high-topped sneakers are strongly recommended.

(2) Weather dependent, snorkeling along the river’s edge with outdoor naturalist and science teacher Keith Williams. Discover the bio-diversity of the spring aquatic insect hatch and fish and turtle’s too.

Both groups will return to the campsite about 4:30 pm and have some additional free recreation time to play Frisbee, volleyball, or soccer before dinner. There is a campfire after dinner, with more time to relax and enjoy. "Lights Out" is at 10:30 pm. Quiet time is from 10:45pm-6:00am.

Friday, May 20th

"Rise and Shine" is at 6:00am. We pack bags and tents. The same cooperation and teamwork as yesterday are needed to load the buses so that the doors aren’t blocked with gear before everything is loaded.

Buffet breakfast is at approximately 7:00am.

Today's paddling is about 11 miles, through the majestic Delaware Water Gap, to the Delaware River Family Campground in Delaware, New Jersey, where we will have a barbecue before the bus pick-up for the return journey to UNIS.

Forms and Waivers -- PLEASE COMPLETE

Language, Cultural, and Exchange Trips

UNIS has been building and expanding our international trip programs over the past couple of years to offer students rich language, cultural and service related opportunities that take place well beyond the classroom. The variety of trips are designed to provide students social, cultural, linguistic, academic and enrichment opportunities while immersed in home-stay (or similar) environments of the host country and traveling with fellow classmates and UNIS chaperones. UNIS is continuously looking to expand to more and new places offering language, learning and/or service projects. Increasingly, students, teachers, families and school community members are finding that student exchange programs are meaningful and memorable for both host and visitor. All our Travel programs have garnered excellent student review and feedback. UNIS students are strongly encouraged and welcomed to apply and participate in one of our trips!

UNIS Spring Break Trips

UNIS Spring Break trips are offered to (MS and TH) students as extra-curricular enrichment trips meant to provide students with a linguistic, cultural and adventure/ touristic experience in another part of the world. Trips are not required for graduation, and are therefore an optional opportunity for enhanced learning and fun outside of the regular academic calendar. Families are expected to cover all costs associated with the trip.

If you have any questions, please contact Zakaria Baha at 212-584-3026 or zbaha@unis.org

Trip Schedule and Destinations for the 2016-2017 School Year to be determined.

Trip Eligibility

  • Students can participate in ONE trip per year.
  • Academic, attendance and behavior records are taken into account to determine a student's eligibility for a trip.
  • Families must also make sure they are in good standing with payments owed to the School before applying for any trip.

Selection of Participants

In some cases, eligible students may not be able to participate in the trip of their choice. If this is the case, the School will try its best to ensure that, whenever possible, eligible students who have not been selected for the trip of their choice are given the option to participate to a different eligible trip where space is available:

If the number of applicants is higher than the maximum number of participants listed for a specific trip, the School will try its best to ensure that all eligible participants are able to go. However, the School might sometimes be required to make a selection (e.g. limited airline/hosting capacity). Priority will be given to students whose academic results are expected to benefit most from participating in the trip. If the number of applicants is lower than anticipated (e.g. less than 8 applicants), the trip might not be financially viable and the school may be required to cancel.


Families applying for an exchange MUST commit to host a visiting student, and have their child present in NYC to host the student he/she has been paired with during the entire stay. Please check the calendar to make sure there are no conflicts for when your child hosts a student visitor.

Passports and Insurance


  • Your child's passport must be valid at least SIX months after the trip
  • If needed, apply for a new passport as early as possible
  • Non-US citizens must have a valid US visa or Permanent Resident Card for re-admission into the United States
  • Families are required to obtain all necessary visas at their expense


Trip participants are required to purchase Trip-Cancellation Insurance that will be included in the cost for all trips. The student and his/her family are responsible for any medical expenses incurred during the trip and should first submit any claims to their primary insurance provider. Should the school and its chaperones have to pay for any medical expenses on behalf of your child during the trip, we will then bill you for these expenses and mail you the receipts so that you may seek reimbursement from your primary insurance provider.


The actual cost of the trip may vary ± 10% (depending on number of participants, airfare at time of purchase and other factors) and will be confirmed as soon as the number of participants has been finalized.

Non-refundable deposit

  • An initial deposit covering half the trip cost is REQUIRED and must be received by the stated date in order to secure the ticket.
  • Your deposit check must be made to the order of "UNIS” and must clearly state (1) the name of your child and (2) the trip for which your child is applying for and (3) UNIS student account number.
  • Checks are NOT deposited until your child's application has been confirmed to you. Once your child’s participation has been confirmed to you, the check will be deposited and the amount will become non-refundable.

Remaining balance

Once the deposit has been paid, the remaining balance billed by the school will appear on your regular school invoice.

Unforeseen Circumstances

The safety of the group is our primary concern and we monitor very closely the situation in the countries where students are traveling. In the unlikely event where conditions in a country would deteriorate abruptly and unexpectedly (e.g. natural disaster, civil unrest), the School might be forced to cancel part or all of the trip; while the school would seek to obtain the maximum refund possible from the airline and other intermediaries, a full refund might not always be possible.

Rules of Behavior

Students selected for a trip must follow the rules listed below. Failure to comply with these rules or with any of the chaperones’ instructions may result in the immediate return of the student at the parents’ expense and/or further sanctions by the school including possible suspension. Parents MUST spend time discussing the trip recommendations found on this site before any school trip. Safety/behavior rules include the following:


Attendance at the cultural/educational activities is mandatory (including classes on some trips). Students are not allowed to leave class without the permission of a chaperone.

Local Customs:

Students traveling to foreign countries must be sensitive to local cultural differences and are expected to be good ambassadors of the school.


Students must follow the rules established by the chaperons for their safety at all times including curfews. PROHIBITED ITEMS: Students are not allowed to carry/purchase the following prohibited items under any circumstances during the trip and regardless of local regulations: ALCOHOL, DRUGS, FIREWORKS, LIVE ANIMALS, LIGHTERS, WEAPONS (even as a tourist artifact).

International Award Program

The International Award Program (IA) is a self-development program which equips students with life skills that help them make a difference within themselves, their communities, and the world. The award, which is available to Tut House students, began in the United Kingdom and has had more than eight million participants since its inception in 1956. The Bronze Level and Silver Levels require six months to complete, while the Gold requires a year.

For further information regarding the International Award, please contact Aquil-li Comellas, UNIS International Award Coordinator email:  acomellas@unis.org