"UNIS supports the United Nations values, principles and goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also supports the UN commitment to promote a sustainable world by integrating Environment Protection, Social Responsibility, Economic Viability and Cultural Recognition as the underlying pillars of its Sustainability strategy.

UNIS is committed to preparing a diverse community of learners to become social activists who will shape a better world through a heightened awareness of the fragility of our planet."

UNIS Sustainability Integrated Group

UNIS Recycling Program

We have four types of containers to help manage our trash and recycling.

GREEN is for paper recycling,
BLUE is for metal/glass/plastic/cartons recycling, and
BLACK is for trash.

We also supply liquids buckets in the cafeteria for emptying containers that then go either into the BLUE container or the Trash container (e.g. used paper cups).

About Sustainability @ UNIS


Junior 1

J1 Spanish students learned about food in Spanish and used the Tower Garden to observe and understand the process of garden-to-table and where their food comes from. The students also learned about the life cycles of plants and parts of the plant in Spanish. They harvested the vegetables from the Tower Garden and ate them in a Spanish style salad. We also talked about healthy and unhealthy food.

In this way, J1 students start developing connections around them and their environment.

Junior 3

J3 Spanish students have been thinking over the years about essential questions like: What are systems? Does every living thing change? What materials are beneficial and which ones pollute the earth? What can I do everyday to preserve the earth?

Every year around earth day J3 students experiment with biodegradable materials. Afterwards they perform in a video to explain to the JS the process of the experiment, their findings and the implications of our actions to the environment.

This is an example from previous years:

Junior 4

Last year, J4 Spanish students reflected about their own habits and how their daily actions have an impact in the environment. They decided to change some of their habits and make a pledge that you can see here:

Student Activities

Our students are involved in a plethora of activities examining and reflecting on sustainability, service, and climate change. Examples include a deep analysis and understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, community activism across NYC parks and beaches, and participation in the historic People's Climate March. See below for just a few recent examples:

Once again our J1 Spanish students grew their own salad in our hydroponic system in the Spanish classrooms. They observed how the grew, took notes and draw it while learning about parts of plants. Afterwards we celebrate their growing success with a fantastic salad.

J4 Carbon Footprint Project
J4 Carbon Footprint

Queens Environmental Education Program

In 2014, UNIS Queens campus unveiled a new environmental center, enabling students to learn how not to waste, how to reuse, and how to incorporate global and local aspects of what we grow in order to take care of our Earth.