The UN and UNIS

UNIS is unique because of its affiliation with the United Nations. In striving to uphold a key component of the UNIS mission, the school promotes a culture and curriculum that support the spirit and ideals of the UN. UNIS is committed to strengthening its existing relationship with the UN, its Missions, and UN affiliated organizations and agencies through a deeper understanding of the UN’s work and through a higher level of connectedness and exchange by building a stronger bridge between the two institutions.


The annual conference relating to a contemporary global issue has been held in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City for the past 37 years. UNIS-UN is host to expert and engaging speakers who present to an audience of 700 high school students from international schools from five continents. Please see for more information.

Model UN

On December 6th, 2014, the United Nations International School (UNIS) hosted it's inaugural Model UN conference: UNISMUNC led by Secretaries-General Alessandro Clark-Ansani and Samantha Vos. Over 200 students from 10 schools in the tri-state area attended. Caryl Stern, the CEO for the US fund for UNICEF gave the keynote speech at opening ceremonies, and by the end of the conference, over $350 had been raised for UNICEF.

UNISMUNC consisted of five committees, including three General Assembly committees, the Security Council, and the popular Imperial High Command, a crisis committee taking place in the Star Wars universe where delegates were challenged to think creatively as they tackled the issue of intergalactic rebellion.

UNISMUNC was well-received by the UNIS community, and we are proud to have created an annual tradition for the Model UN club.

For more information please see the UNIS Model UN Website.

UNIS Human Rights Committee

The UNIS Human Rights Committee hosts an annual Student Conference on Human Rights.

This conference offers a unique opportunity to educate and support youth to participate in UN’s mission on humanity’s sustainable progress and the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms. In addition, the conference offers student leaders an important opportunity to network and develop important leadership skills including public speaking, team and consensus building, negotiating, research and planning, and international communication.

Junior United Nations of Calligraphy

Junior UN of Calligraphy (JUNOC) student committee at UNIS aims to build a bridge of mutual appreciation and cross cultural understanding. With roughly 100 members of all ages from over 40 countries, the committee meets weekly to partake in calligraphy classes, as well as plan activities and events, such as establishing a calligraphy corner in the UNIS Modern Language Department and presenting work at the UN International Day of Peace, among others. JUNOC is dedicated to contributing to cultural diversity, artistic exchange, and cross-cultural friendship for the UNIS community.


Each year UNIS invites dozens of leaders and experts form the United Nations and affiliate organizations to speak with our students and faculty on a range of pressing global issues and concerns. These speakers share their knowledge of the UN's mission, work, and current events, with our community.