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2022  SPRING CAMP - Registration Form




I have carefully read and signed the guidelines/agreement for participation in the Spring Camps and I agree to comply with those regulations. I also understand that participation may involve the risk of physical injury. As the parent/ guardian of the student named below, I hereby release Spring Camps and UNIS from responsibility for all claims or liability in any way attributable to this program regarding any injury my child may incur while participating. I also understand that all liability in case of accident or hospitalization is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. I also give permission for the school representative to administer first aid to my child prior to contacting me. I understand that in a medical emergency I will be notified as soon as possible. If I cannot be contacted, this authorizes a licensed physician, surgeon, or recognized hospital staff member to administer emergency medical care. The United Nations International School is not responsible for accident or hospitalization insurance. This authorization shall remain effective until the last day of the season unless sooner revoked in writing delivered by said agent(s).​​​​​​
By returning this form electronically, I acknowledge that I am registering my child for the UNIS Spring Camps and I authorize UNIS to charge my account.

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