UNISMUNC IX: Committees

The student-run conference of the United Nations School for students across the tri-state area, organized and hosted by the UNIS Model UN Club.

UNISMUNC's engaging committees are designed to encourage delegates to think critically about the past, present and future. Debate will encourage participants to remain open-minded and form compromises while remaining true to their position. All committees at our conference will challenge delegates to evaluate the crucial question: what can be done to create a better world?

Neo Colonialism (GA)



Delve into the shadows of history in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Affairs Committee (SOCHUM) as we unravel the persistent legacy of neo-colonialism. From economic exploitation to cultural assimilation, the impacts of historical colonization still reverberate today. Delegates will grapple with reparative justice, economic empowerment, and charting a path forward in a post-colonial world, shaping resolutions to navigate this complex issue. How will we collectively tackle this, paving the way for a more just global landscape?

Chairs: Mari Vardanyan & Arthur Khassanov

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Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa (GA)

UN Women

In this UN Women committee, we will be focusing on the topic of maternal mortality in Sub-saharan Africa. According to UNICEF, maternal mortality is defined as deaths due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth. While the problems women face while giving birth or while pregnant are almost always easily treatable, approximately 830 women die from these causes every day. These preventable deaths equaled a total of 303,000 women in 2015 alone. However, this is not only an issue in Sub-saharan Africa, it is prevalent all over the globe. In this committee we hope to have a conversation about this issue and brainstorm solutions, hopefully ending in passed resolutions. 

Chair: Sofia Tambalotti
Dais: Hana Masuko

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Assurer la Protection de la Biodiversité (AG)



Ce comité du MUN discutera du sujet de la protection de la biodiversité à l'échelle mondiale. Ce sujet est très important à l'heure actuelle, alors qu'une grande partie de la faune sauvage mondiale est remise en question par des problèmes tels que le changement climatique, le braconnage et la destruction de l'habitat. Chaque pays ayant ses propres positions sur le sujet, en raison de ses différents climats et espèces de faune, de trouver une solution collaborative sera un défi, mais aussi très important dans l’état actuel des choses. Chaque espèce sauvage est essentielle au maintien des chaînes alimentaires, des habitats et des écosystèmes entiers, et fournit des informations essentielles pour résoudre les problèmes des industries médicales, des industries agricoles et bien plus encore. Dans un avenir proche, de nombreux pays du monde entier se sont engagés à adopter une législation plus respectueuse de l’environnement, soulignant l’importance de ce sujet de discussion à l’heure actuelle. Ce comité favorise des débats animés, une collaboration entre les différents pays et des résolutions pleines de solutions créatives et innovantes à ce problème.

Chair: Elea Demetriou
Dais: Daria Mehrnia

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UNSC Specialized


This committee will be a top secret meeting of the United Nations Security Council and thus the topic will not be revealed until delegates step foot onto the premises. 

Director: Matthew Tucker
Chair: Mitra Minovi 

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The Arrest of Heisenberg's Empire: Breaking Bad

Crisis Committee


Walter White, the blue-meth-producing kingpin, has been arrested and is currently being questioned. In light of this, the DEA has restricted cold medicine sales and the sale of matchboxes, and the spread of officers has become much more significant. In this Breaking Bad crisis committee, delegates will navigate the intense, frightening underground of the methamphetamine world. 

Crisis Director: Xuan Lan Tran
Chair: Coming Soon
Dais: Coming Soon

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Siege of The Sea: Grishaverse in Peril

Crisis Committee


Grishaverse in Peril is a crisis committee based on Leigh Bardugo's immersive Grishaverse books. This committee will challenge delegates to defeat the recently arisen Sankta Ulla and the spread of the Grisha enhancing drug jurda parem. Delegates must work together through moderated debate and come up with creative solutions to handle both problems while also preventing further destruction and chaos from happening. Will Sankta Ulla take over the Grishaverse using parem and Merzost to murder millions of innocents, or will the elite Grishaverse Council be able to stop her and stop the spread of jurda parem?


Director: Layla Bouillon
Chair: Sara Cocco

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Closing the Rift: Marvel into the Multiverse 

Crisis Committee


Marvel Into the Multiverse: Closing the Rift will bring together characters from all major cinematic universes adapted from the Marvel comics. This crisis committee will explore the possible outcome if Malekith had won during Thor: The Dark World, sparking a rift in the multiverse that brings all these characters together in Stark Tower. Delegates will use their knowledge of specific universes to try and mend this break in reality caused by the misuse of the reality stone through collaborative debate and creative communications. Will the aether be restored to the heros or will it stay in the hands of the villains, eating away the x reality everyone has grown accustomed to? Join UNISMUNC to find out! 

Director: Graham Chow

Chairs: Jayden Link & Madeline Tyndale

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The Second Rebellion: Hunger Games 

Joint Crisis Committee 


In this chaotic dystopia full of warfare and revolution based off of the bestselling series by author Susanne Collins, delegates from the Capitol and District 13 will have to decide the course of the new war, and determine how to either overthrow or maintain the power of the current regime. Their political beliefs will clash, alliances will form, and betrayal and death will follow. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Director: Dora Dulge
Chairs : Salome Valter & Lola Fraser Turner 

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