Unfortunately, due to low enrollment the Queens campus will be closing effective for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

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UNIS Queens: The School of the UN

Established in Lake Success in 1947 by families who worked for the United Nations, UNIS Queens continues to provide students an international education, while preserving students’ diverse cultural heritages. 

UNIS Queens, grades K-8, is one of two campuses (the other in Manhattan, grades PreK-12) and we are proud to say, we are the school of the United Nations. As the Queens division of the UNIS, we are incredibly proud of our connection to the UN and to its mission.   As a result of this affiliation, and our location within the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, UNIS Queens has an incomparably diverse community. 

With a single class at each grade level, UNIS Queens is able to offer students a personalized education within a small and nurturing environment. Coupled with the welcoming, suburban setting of Jamaica Estates, UNIS Queens has a strong sense of community that is a hallmark of the campus. 

Our rigorous academic program, with a unique emphasis on languages and the arts, provides students with countless perspectives and an education that cannot be found elsewhere. Students graduate from our 8th grade program and are prepared for their automatic transfer to the UNIS Manhattan high school program, where students follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, or to one of New York City's highly selective, specialized high schools.

Most importantly, when you walk into our building, you will feel a joy that cannot be replicated elsewhere. There is an undeniable difference that occurs as you watch our students interact with each other, with their teachers, and with the UNIS community as a whole; each day is filled with smiles, joy, and a passion for learning. 

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Philosophy of the Queens Campus

The UNIS mission is at the core of all we do in Queens as we strive to  inspire our students to become, in the words of the school’s mission statement, “an active  force in shaping a better world: peaceful, compassionate and sustainable.”  We develop an understanding in our students of what it means to be a global citizen. UNIS is committed to multiculturalism, diversity, academic excellence, the creative arts,  and the development of our students  into independent, responsible, active participants in the world.   In order to fulfill our mission, our program is comprehensive and recognizes that education encompasses more than just academics. We educate not only minds, but also hearts. We educate students with a range of talents--artists, musicians, athletes, scientists, mathematicians, writers--and we want those talents to blossom. We educate students to be leaders and leaders need to have vision and purpose, but also compassion. .As an international school we have built a program that prepares our students to take their place as local and global citizens and to understand that we all have a responsibility to contribute to the various communities to which we belong.

At UNIS Queens we believe that all students can succeed and see each student as both an individual and a member of the UNIS community.  Learning is accompanied by joy, curiosity, enthusiasm, and engagement. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”  These timeless words from Nelson Mandela encapsulate a UNIS education. Our commitment to the mission of the United Nations is the foundation of a program of instruction like no other.  Whether locally or globally, in the public sector or in private industry,  in the arts or the sciences, UNIS students are prepared and empowered to shape a better world.”

Barbara Kennedy Queens  Principal Our Principal

Queens Highlights

Small Size: Students are known to all the faculty and staff, and to one another. Multiple cross-grade activities take place throughout the year. 

Environmental Center: Students learn about, maintain, and plant in the outdoor garden area, where vegetables and flowers are grown.

Fine Arts: The school promotes a strong commitment to art and music education. 

Outdoor Classroom: The outdoor classroom allows for classes to study and work together outside. 

Latin: Grades 7 and 8 take a course that allows students to understand the connections between Latin, English, French, & Spanish.

Community Events: Including UN Day, Winter Concert, May Day, & many more!

Hear from our Queens Community

Our Students

“ In UNIS-Queens, you have a great education, you make good friends, and you learn a lot of things."


“The best thing about UNIS Queens is that each teacher can focus on one person if need be because the class sizes are small. This helps each student work their hardest.” 


“UNIS-Queens is the community feels like a family. Let say like if you go to a new school and it was UNIS-Queens, the transition wouldn’t be that hard because it feels like just one family, nobody is mean. The kids are my siblings.”


"One of the best things about Unis Queens is that we are with the same people from kindergarten. You become very close with everyone and you always feel comfortable. The teachers are also great and you know if you are having trouble with something you can always ask for help. "


"The teachers are really kind. I like that our classes aren’t so big because the teachers are able to help you (but they don’t hand you the answers!) and it’s easier to know everyone."