UNIS offers a variety of extra curricular after school activities and care programs.

The UNIS Extra Curricular After School Activities Program is designed to give students an opportunity to explore areas of particular interest to them and their families. Programs are offered by UNIS and UNIS partner organizations to Tut House, Middle School, and Junior School students on both our Manhattan and Queens campuses.

The UNIS After School Care Program, designed to meet the needs of working parents, provides a dependable daily service in a warm and caring environment, for Junior School and Middle School students.

Care Programs

The Care Programs are designed to meet the needs of working parents. Offered to Junior School (JS) and Middle School (MS) students, it provides a dependable daily service in a warm and caring environment.

The teachers are creative and inventive over and above the qualifications they have in this field. Children participate in a whole range of activities for which a wide variety of materials are in ready supply.

Manhattan: Junior School

The Manhattan Junior School Care program is offered every day from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on the Manhattan Campus.

Supervision and guidance is provided to students with homework and quiet time is devoted to work at the beginning of the program.
In the assigned CARE rooms, programs offer possibilities for play, providing opportunities such as physical activities, recreation, arts and crafts, and special events where children can interact with each other.

Manhattan: Middle School

The Middle School Care Club runs every school day from 3:00 to 6:00PM on the Manhattan Campus.

Students are supervised by teachers who help with their homework and provide guidance on organization of materials and time management. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including board games, group games, arts & crafts, films and other special events.

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The Care Program is offered at the Queens Campus every day from 3:15 PM to 6:45 PM. The Queens campus does not have online registration for this program. All relevant information is provided directly to parents.

After-School Programs

After-School Programs

The UNIS after school program of activities is designed to give students an opportunity to explore areas of particular interest to them and their families. Programs are offered to Tut House, Middle School, and Junior School students on both our Manhattan and Queens campuses.

After School: Junior School

The Manhattan Campus After School Program offers an array of activities, ranging from Leadership Workshops, Public Speaking, Mock Trial, Creative Film-making, series of Financial workshops and Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Science, Engineering, Minecraft as well as Inventors Club, Writopia, Chess Club, Clay Design, Cooking and more...

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After School: Middle School

The Manhattan Campus After-School Program offers an array of activities, ranging from Leadership Workshops, Debate & Public Speaking, Mock Trial, Human Rights/Civic Discourse, Mathematicians Club, Series of Financial workshops and Entrepreneurship, Stock Market, Clay Design, Minecraft, Coding, as well as Engineering, TV Production, Inventors club, Writopia, Chess Club and more...

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After School: Tutorial House

Debate Workshops

The objective of this program is to prepare students for the myriad situations that require formal and informal presentations. It is offered on Mondays from 4:15-5:15PM (starting September 23, 2019) to high school students (T1-T4). 

Students will learn to craft and present arguments and inform, persuade and motivate an audience in a variety of ways.

The grading rubric was adapted with the permission of Neil Mercer, the Director of research and Head of Faculty at The University of Cambridge. 

This course includes: 

  1. The Impromptu Speech
  2. The Informative Speech
  3. The Persuasive Speech   
  4. Parliamentary Debate

The instructor of this class is Ms. Amanda Sawyer.  Her program is focused on social skills, public speaking and presentation, and it was developed in conjunction with The University of Cambridge. For more information, click here for the Debate Workshop brochure.

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Mock Trial

This training is offered to high school students (T1-T4) on Thursdays from 4:15 - 5:15 PM - starting December 12, 2019.
Mock trial is a hands-on simulation of the American judicial system.  The goal is to help participants acquire a working knowledge of US judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, display leadership in a court of law and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of the society. 
Materials for this course are provided by The American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.

In this course, students will learn about the Court system of the U.S. and due process of law.

  • Develop and deliver opening and closing statements  
  • Direct and cross examination questions and how to find and present evidence as they would in a court of law.
  • Students will learn how to form and present a persuasive case and how to exploit weaknesses in the opponent's case.  

Lastly, students will perform the trial as they would in a court of law.  

The instructor of this class is Ms. Amanda Sawyer, Founder, Director, Dedimus Potestatem.  Her program was developed in conjunction with The University of Cambridge. 

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Driver Education

Tutorial House students have the opportunity to register in Driver Education course.


The Driver Education at UNIS conforms to New York State regulations.

  • 24-hour classroom phase of the course
  • 6 hours of driving instruction behind the wheel
  • 18 hours of in-car observation
  • Students must attend and pass all sessions of both parts of the course to receive the MV-285.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles issues Learner’s Permits. DMV requires proper identification, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, paying a fee and passing both a written and eye test. The Driver’s Manual and MV43.1 give the specific requirements. State Law (Sec. 507-1 V&TL) allows persons under 18 to drive in NYC only under the supervision of a licensed Driver Education teacher or if they have a Class D NYS license.
  • LEARNER’S PERMITS – Must be obtained before April 2020. Requirement as of August 2015: All students must secure a DMV Client ID number in order to receive an MV-285 Certificate of Completion. They can secure a DMV client ID number by having a NYS Learner's Permit, and/or a NYS Non-Driver ID card. 

Driver Education

2020 Driver Education calendar not yet available, please check back at a later date. 

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After School: Queens

A number of After-School Activities are offered at the Queens Campus. There are two sessions each year, one in each semester. Each session extends through 10 weekly meetings at a cost of approximately $100 for each activity. The activities include gymnastics, chess, art and crafts, soccer and Arabic. More detailed information is distributed before the start of each session.

Private Music Lessons

The United Nations International School Music Department offers private instruction on a wide range of orchestral and band instruments as well as guitar, voice, and piano. UNIS is privileged to have world-class performing artists on its teaching staff who conveniently teach private music lessons to our students right on campus. We encourage UNIS families to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to expand their children’s education and talent.

The private instruction is offered at additional cost to parents and, in the case of the orchestral instruments (all except piano, voice & guitar), is a required co-requisite to the instrumental program in the Middle School and the Tutorial House.

In Queens, students who participate in the private lesson program are expected to perform in two yearly recitals. Students are also encouraged to participate in the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and NYSSMA (New York State Schools’ Music Association) performance exams, held in the spring.

All of the specialist music teachers are hired for their skill as performers and their experience in working with young musicians. They are graduates of schools such as Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, New York University, Brooklyn College, School for Strings and Teachers' College. Besides being active solo and chamber recitalists, they also perform regularly with groups such as the New York Chamber Ensemble, New Jersey Symphony, Dave Brubeck Orchestra, Brooklyn Philharmonic, American Symphony Orchestra and in current Broadway musicals. For biographies of our music teaching artists see the Private Music Lessons Page.

After-School Sports

The Athletics Department is responsible for the administration and delivery of all after-school sport opportunities at UNIS. This page provides information regarding the planned activities for each age group, and allows parents to register their child for after-school sport sessions. Opportunities are available for the following age groups: JA - J1, J2 - J4, M1 - M2, and M3 - M4.

The full schedule of activities for Winter 2019/2020 can be downloaded here.


Our long-term athlete development (LTAD) model is utilized as the philosophical basis of the after-school sports program. The LTAD approach is a seven-stage framework designed to guide participation in sports from infancy to adulthood, one that focuses primarily on the needs of participants and their individual stages of development. It provides a point of reference for coaches, administrators, and parents and aims to provide the core skills needed to promote a lifelong engagement in sport.

The registration period for all activities will close on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019. Only one registration form is to be completed per child (the option to register for multiple programs on a single form is available). Student accounts will be billed after the final session.

Any questions or feedback regarding after school sport should be directed to Guy Evans,  Director of Athletics. (gevans@unis.org).

We appreciate your interest in our programs, and look forward to another exciting year of sports at UNIS.

Athletics Department

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Taekwondo sessions at UNIS are led by the martial arts organization Professional Taekwondo School.

The focus of after school Taekwondo is on physical fitness, character development and self defense. In our club, experienced instructors are able to work with JA-M4 students at all ability levels.


After school basketball is coached by Guy Evans. Guy represented his national team (Wales) as a player in basketball, coached within a professional basketball club for several years and was featured in the internationally-distributed book Athlete-Centered Coaching.

For the fall term of sessions, students can expect a focus on individual offensive fundamentals such as shooting, ball-handling, passing and cutting. Our classes will be engaging, intense and challenging - although certainly each activity will be modified to suit each player.



UNIS is proud to partner with the nationally renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Theater company. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater has performed for an estimated 23 million people in 48 states, as well as 71 countries on six continents.

Intramural Sport

Intramural Sport is also available as an after school activity at UNIS. M1-M2 and M3-M4 students are invited to enjoy participating in a variety of recreational invasion games, at no cost. The focus here, as ever, is on fun!


The Manhattan Kickers FC (MKFC) partners with UNIS to deliver our after-school soccer program. MKFC aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the sport that will both teach the game to beginner players and challenge more experienced players.

MKFC is a non-profit youth soccer school in New York City serving players ages 4 to 12. According to the club, "we believe foremost in the development of individual skill and game intelligence. Our coaches strive to instill a passion and respect for the game in our players, along with the right attitude to succeed."


Junior school students will now be able to participate in Multisports, a new program focused on 'non-invasion' activities (i.e. net/wall, target, striking/fielding games). These sessions will be led by the JS P.E. teaching staff as a continuation of the JS P.E. curriculum.

Fundamental Movement

Experienced Junior School P.E. staff at UNIS lead an important session each week that is essential for developing physical literacy - Fundamental Movement (JA-J1) on Mondays.

These sessions are designed to be a continuation from the themes and principles covered in Junior School P.E. lessons. Students build on their natural enthusiasm for movement, using it to explore and learn about their world. By watching, listening, and experimenting with movement and ideas, they develop their skills in movement and coordination, and enjoy expressing and testing themselves in a variety of situations.

UNIS Partner After School Programs

UNIS offers a variety of partner after school programs. 

UNIS Chess Team

Made possible by Coach Tal, UNIS offers chess to J1 through M4 students. The team will compete together representing UNIS at chess events, including city, state, and national tournaments. Class and practice will take place Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Manhattan campus.

Registration fees include coaching, supervised play, game analysis at in-state tournaments, events, and a www.chesskid.com gold membership.

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Dutch Language Classes

't Klokhuis is offering a Dutch Language classes at UNIS for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, as well classes for Dutch as a Second Language. For more information visit their website www.klokhuis.com or email the Program Director Loura Zijdel at director@klokhuis.com


Spring Break Programs

UNIS offers several options for spring break programs. In addition to the regular Spring Break Program for JA through J2, UNIS offers a series of special fun and educational workshops, including: Leadership, Future CEO - Entrepreneurs, and RockStar.

The following list notes eligible age groups for each Spring Break camp:

  • Spring Camp: JA - J1 - J2
  • RockSTAR Camp: J3-J4 & M1-M4 
  • Leadership Camp: J3-J4 & M1-M4
  • Writopia Camp: J4 & M1-M4 
  • Leaders of Tomorrow: J3-J4 & M1-M4
  • Sports Management: J3-J4 & M1-M4

Please note that the cafeteria will be closed during Spring Break. Students are required to bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks.

UNIS Spring Break Camp Brochure

Summer Programs

Steve & Kate's Camp


Grades K-7th Mentorship Program for 8th and 9th

Kids come into this world brimming with curiosity, wonder and creative potential. Unfortunately, we often squash that potential by telling kids what to do, and what to learn.

At Steve & Kate’s, we believe that when you trust kids, they develop the confidence to trust themselves, and learn to use their own judgment. So we built a summer camp that puts kids in charge. Because unlike traditional schools, summer gives us the freedom to reinvent learning in a way that allows kids to make their own choices – and, of course, a few mistakes along the way.

Driven by this belief, we’ve built our summer camp to put kids in the driver’s seat of a world of possibilities. So whether your child is a natural-born storyteller with a love for animation, or a budding chef, or a hacker-in-training, or a dance machine, they can dive into their passions in a world free from adult judgments and expectations.

This summer we'll be launching our digital camper hub, introducing campers to our brand new Game Room, and making even more possible in the music, film, and fashion studios! After 37 years, we are still obsessed with reinventing summer. Because if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that when you think like a child, anything is possible.


At Steve & Kate’s campers step into a world packed with possibilities to experience new opportunities, express themselves, explore their passions and infinite potential. The results are unexpected and surprisingly rich. You can buy a Membership for the whole summer or stock up on Day Passes and use them when you need them. Oh, and lunch is included. Ta-da! Camp Simplified. 


Register at www.steveandkate.com

External Summer Programs

Information about summer program opportunities are provided as a resource for UNIS families and do not, in any way, constitute an endorsement of any program or organization.


  • American Camping Association (ACA): Listings and advice on many sleep away camps and teen trip programs.
  • Quaker Camps (Quaker): International focus. For direct communication with one such camp contact The Farm and Wilderness Camps at (802) 422-3761.
  • YMCA (camps): A great variety of camps are available through the YMCA at reasonable prices. In particular check out Camp Mason located near the Delaware River.
  • Rena's Promise is a one week intensive writing program serving teens who want to explore their unique gifts as writers in a camp setting with other like-minded teens.
  • MySummerCamps (Your Camp Resource Guide): A database to search many categories of camps (ie. sports, adventure, academic, arts, special needs, language, religious etc).
  • Village Camps (International): International summer camps in six different countries.

Sports Programs

UNIS Athletics continues to work closely with a number of external sporting organizations that add significant value to the athletics program during the school year. Advantage Tennis and SuperMe Performance are two of these providers. In addition, New York Sports Connection is an organization that promotes a directory of over 600 plus organizations offering over 50 sports in NY. This is a great resource to help filter through the many sporting camps and programs available during the year and the summer holidays. Please find the links below:

New York Sports
ConnectionAdvantage Tennis
New York International Soccer Camp

Outdoor Adventure

  • Sail Caribbean (Sail): Teen sailing and scuba diving in the Caribbean with an educational focus.
  • Outward Bound (Outward-bound): Outdoor leadership and education programs.


  • The Student Conservation Association (SCA): Camps and internships focused on protecting vital habitats.
  • Earthwatch (earthwatch): Volunteers participate in projects to collect field data to conserve our planet.
  • Transitions Abroad (teen volunteer programs): A listing of teen volunteer programs abroad that encourage meaningful travel.
  • Habitat for Humanity (habitat): Help build homes for the less advantaged in different locales.
  • Globalworks (Travel with a Purpose): International travel and community service programs in many developing countries.
  • Rustic Pathways (pathways): Summer trips abroad with a service component.
  • Cross-Cultural Solutions (solutions): International volunteer programs.
  • The Road Less Traveled (roads): Outdoor community service programs in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Where There Be Dragons (dragons): Outdoor community service and language programs in developing countries.
  • International Seminar Series (study/serve): Community service learning program for pre-college students in Paris and Barcelona.
  • Global Leadership Adventures (GLA): 10-22 day service trips in Tanzania, Ghana, China, Ecuador, Bali, Thailand, India, Fiji, Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rica.


  • Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts (Usdan): Variety of summer programs in the arts located in nearby Long Island.
  • Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp (Buck's Rock): Performing arts camp with a Montessori approach located in the Berkshire Mountains.
  • French Woods Performing Arts Camp (frenchwoods): Performing arts camp in the Catskill Mountains.
  • Arte al Sole (artesol):Arte al Sole is a summer day camp for international children offering week-long sessions based on the art, culture, and natural science of Italy with locations in Panicale, Umbria; Lucca, Montepulciano, and Florence in Tuscany; Rome; and Puglia.

Language and Study Abroad

  • American University of Beirut Summer Arabic Program (AUB): Six-week intensive Arabic program.
  • China Institute advances a deeper understanding of China through programs in education,culture, business and art in the belief that cross-cultural understanding strengthens our global community. http://www.chinainstitute.org
  • 4-6 week summer programs for students aged 15-18. Dragons' Yunnan-based language programs offered. 3-5 hours a day of classroom instruction are complemented by language immersion and home-stays, both in the city of Kunming and rural villages in western Yunnan:www.wheretherebedragons.com
  • Enforex (Summer Camps in Spain) Summer Spanish language camps in Spain. Locations in: Barcelona,Granada, Madrid,Marbella.
  • Summer Camps in Spain: High School program w/ ArchaeoSpain
  • SpainBcn-Programs (SpainBcn): Study abroad program for teens in Barcelona, Spain. Includes home-stay visits with Spanish families, intensive Spanish study, cultural excursions and sports.
  • Enfo Camp Programs in Spain (Enfo): Summer Spanish immersion camp in Marbella, Albergue, Spain.
Multiple Locations / Languages
  • Abbey Road Overseas Programs (abbey road): Language and cultural immersion programs for pre-college students.
  • Middlebury Monterey Language Academy: http://mmla.middlebury.edu/ Summer language programs - Beijing China, Granada Spain, Quebec city Canada, Green Mountain Vermont.
  • Concordia Language Villages (Concordia): Summer language programs for all languages taught at UNIS. Located in Minnesota, USA.

Academic Programs

  • The Cooper Union Introduction to Architecture summer program for high school students.
  • LeanGap, a summer program which helps high school students start their own companies.
  • LIberty Science Center Camp Program (lsc.org/camp) for rising 4th through 7th graders who love science and technology.
  • NOVAMAYA: Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation Programs Summer 2015
  • Oxbridge Programs (oxbridge): Academic enrichment programs in various European cities.
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth(cty):Summer program for academic enrichment at Johns Hopkins University,
  • NYU Summer Programs: School of Professional Studies High School Academy
  • Peace Boat voyage during the summer months.
  • Royal Veterinary College, University of London (RVC) an exciting two week summer school focused on eterinary skills and knowledge.

College Programs