Manhattan Campus

Dining Services at the Manhattan Campus are provided by Flik Independent School Dining. 

2021-2022 UNIS Meal Plan

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Queens Campus

Dining Services at the Queens campus are provided by Butter Beans Kitchen. Parents can sign their children up by month, semester, or year. Please contact the Queens campus for School dining information.

(718) 658-6166
(718) 658-6167

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UNIS Food Committee

Parent Committee Members Tehzeen Vohmann, Adis Sylvain, Yumna Chaudhri & Sarah King

Flik Committee Member

Corey Dorn

UNIS is an Allergy Aware School.

This means that students, families, faculty and staff are respectfully asked to refrain from bringing peanuts, nuts and seeds of any kind or foods processed with these items or their by products, such as oils, into the school. This includes products which state "may contain traces of nuts/peanuts/tree nuts” or "manufactured in a facility which processes" nuts/peanuts/tree nuts.


UNIS Food Committee Goals:

Improve Rainbow Lunch for Junior School

Improve MS and TH food

Improve overall dining experience for all divisions

Nutrition and Education

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