Welcome! UNIS has a thriving Parents' Association that partners with the school administration, faculty and staff.

The UNIS Parents’ Association (UNIS PA) is instrumental in creating a vibrant global community that actively supports the school’s mission and engages our families.

Every year we:
  • Organize and support events that heighten community spirit and make our school a warm and inviting place for everyone.
  • Represent the families' points of view to the school administration and channel constructive dialogue between the two.
  • Support school fundraising and outreach efforts and raise and distribute UNIS PA funds in a purposeful manner to support school-wide programs and enhance the education of our children.
All UNIS families are automatically members of the Parents' Association when joining the school and pay PA dues annually. Monthly UNIS PA meetings are held and all members are encouraged to participate and/or contribute their invaluable time and expertise in one of our many committees or activities. 
The UNIS PA is governed by an Executive Committee, consisting of parent volunteers, which administers the budget and activities. We also have committees responsible for enhancing the school's programs and environment. All members are encouraged to learn about our committees and volunteer their time and expertise whenever posible. They are:
  • Arts Committee
  • Bridge2UN Committee
  • Cultural Events Committee
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee
  • New2UNIS Committee
  • UNIS Athletic Association
  • Junior School, Middle School and Tutorial House signature events
  • Social Responsibilities Committee (SRC)

Latest Parent Association Information

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New to UNIS?

The Parents' Association actively welcomes new families into our community through New2UNIS. 

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Our Events

Cultural Event: Deepavali the Festival of Lights, also known as Diwali

International Food and Fun Fair 



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international food options at the 2019 Food & Fun Fair



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