UNIS PA Marketplace

Brought to you by the UNIS Parents' Association, the UNIS PA marketplace is a way to connect members of the UNIS community in a meaningful way. 

  • It is a way to virtually exchange, advertise, sell, and share goods, services, events, or discounts offered by UNIS community members for UNIS community members. 

  • Think virtual bulletin board like Craigslist, not eBay and not Amazon.

  • Submit your item to sell/share/exchange or your need for a service/item at this link to the submission form at https://bit.ly/unispamarketplace

  • View current items or needs here.

Screening by UNIS: All posts will be reviewed and moderated by UNIS PA and UNIS for appropriateness and to ensure posts do not violate the mission and guiding principles of UNIS. 

  • UNIS will screen to verify the identity of the individuals submitting information are in fact current members of the UNIS community.

  • Postings will remain available for no more than three months and then will be removed.

At your own risk: It is the consumer's responsibility to make sure the product or services meet their needs and to procure goods/services at their own risk. 

  • UNIS PA is not performing any extensive quality assurance or control over the goods, services, and information that is posted on this site. 

  • UNIS PA absolves itself of any liability - UNIS PA does not endorse any post and does not take responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the actual goods, services, information, or events posted in this marketplace. 

  • Submissions will be reviewed, moderated, and posted within 5 business days after the review. 

  • Questions? Please email unispa@unis.org.