Tut House Clubs 2021-2022


  • Computer Science Club (CSC)
  • Finance Club
  • Game Development Club (GDC)
  • Marketing & Management (M&M)
  • Math Club
  • Our Future Doctors
  • Psychology Club
  • Science Team

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Activism, Politics, Advocacy

  • (IN)Visible Women NYC
  • Asequible NYC
  • Equity & Inclusion Board (EIB)
  • Funding Bright Futures (FBF)
  • Girls in Tech (GIT)
  • School the World Club (STW Club)
  • Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA)
  • Solidarity at Work (SAW)
  • Stuyvesant Cove Stewards (SCS)
  • TH Environment Club
  • The STAR Project (Serving, Teaching, and Assisting Refugees Project)
  • Women in STEM (WiSTEM)
  • World Language Advocates (WLA)

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Arts and Recreation

  • Archery Club
  • Art Club
  • Arts Mentorship @ UNIS
  • Board Game Club (BGC)
  • Cadenza
  • Chess Club
  • Film Club 
  • Golf Club
  • Sports 4 All
  • Table Tennis Club
  • The Climbing Club (TCC)
  • The UNIS Photography Club

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  • Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Student Union
  • Black Student Union
  • Japanese Cultural Club
  • Jewish Student Union (JSU)
  • Junior United Nations of Calligraphy (JUNOC)
  • Spirituality Club

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Media and Publication

  • English for Kids Club
  • Literary Magazine (Litmag)
  • Unis Digital Collective
  • UNISVerse
  • Verses Podcast (Verses)

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UN Related

  • Amnesty International
  • Human Rights Conference
  • Model UN
  • Sustainable Development Goals Club (SDGs4UNIS) 
  • UN STEM Research Project

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