• Finance Club
  • Game Development Club (GDC)
  • History Club
  • Marketing & Management (M&M)
  • Math Club
  • Our Future Doctors
  • Psychology Club
  • Science Team

Finance Club

Advisor: Zakaria Baha ( 

Mission Statement Our mission is to provide members an education on the financial system and investing, encourage their interest in the subject with resources and potential mentors, provide them a space in which to further build on interests, and providing a varied enough experience that students are aware of the flaws and shortcomings of current financial systems and forms of investing, as well as their strengths and benefits, and the ways in whcih the tools of finance can be used to improve our world. Also, we want to help our members build their research skills and salesmanship, as we discuss and pitch ideas to one another. Overall, we hope to encourage responsible, excited, and proactive young investors to begin engaging with finance.

Game Development Club (GDC)

Advisor:  Amer Abu-Houran (

Mission Statement:  By the end of the year, you should be able to easily make a mobile and/or PC game and make a good profit from it (this does not mean we will).

Our Future Doctors

Advisor:  Barry Kirschenbaum (

Mission Statement:  Our Future Doctors is a student-led organization that serves as a space for those in the Tut House who strive to pursue a career in medicine, as well as those who simply seek interest in the field. This organization provides the resources to motivate students to achieve their career goals in medicine as well as offers students with the chance to participate in a medicine-based fundraising project.

History Club

Mission Statement:  The History Club challenges students to look beyond curricular, western, history towards poststructuralist narratives, all the while upholding the existing legacy of the past History Club by volunteering at Fort Montgomery biannually. We aim to spread a love for history through discussions, presentations, workshops, and games.

Marketing & Management (M&M)

Advisor:  Daniel Longoria (

Mission Statement:  The mission statement of Marketing&Management is to have real world experience with selling and making profits as well as establishing connections with each other and society.

Math Club

Advisor:  Vladimir Ledenev (

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to create a community for people to share their passion and love for mathematics. By touching upon some of the most inspiring, graceful ideas in mathematics, we strive to showcase the grandeur of the intact mathematics framework. We will be able to examine and even challenge the underlying structure of mathematics, such as the foundation of number, deductive reasoning, real analysis, etc. We will also focus on developing students' logical thinking skills and learning new math knowledge.

Science Team

Advisor: Johnny Croft (

Mission Statement:    The UNIS Science Team is a club dedicated to scientific knowledge and personal enrichment at a competitive and friendly level. The purpose of this club is to provide an outlet for students interested in STEM by allowing them to explore science outside of the classroom: by presenting and discussing topics, playing kahoots, performing small experiments, conducting projects, and attending competitions such as the Science Olympiad.

Psychology Club

Advisor:  TBD

Mission Statement: The mission is to foster an interest in psychology among the UNIS community and provide a place where students who are curious about the field and want to explore it as a college major/career option can learn and research together.