• Computer Science Club (CSC)
  • Debate Club
  • English for Kids (EFK)
  • Math Club
  • PITCH: Entrepreneurship Club 
  • Science Team
  • UBS Finance Club

Computer Science Club

Advisor:  Mariam Tamimi (

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to teach people about computer science and programming in a environment that allows full creativity and passion of the members. We teach how to make websites, along other computer science topics.

Debate Club

Advisor: TBD

Mission Statement The Debate Club believes communication skills are essential for empowering youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and honorable leaders in our society. The club exists in order to further develop educational skills of its members by actively participating in debates and speaking competitions with peers. Members will have access to a diversity of debate and public speaking opportunities.

English for Kids (EFK)

Advisor: Qing Sun  (

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to use the resource at UNIS to help the students in China to learn English and to possibly gain a deeper knowledge about the American and other foreign cultures.

Math Club

Advisor:  Vladimir Ledenev (

Mission Statement: Our mission this year revolves around finding ways to personalize math to the individual to show that math is something that can be enjoyed by anyone. We would like to showcase that math can be both fun and useful while helping members practice intuitive thinking skills and learning concepts that interest them. In addition to helping those who are already passionate about math flourish, we would like to help those who struggle with math improve and show them how to love math.

PITCH: Entrepreneurship Club

Advisor:  Sarah Dowd (

Mission Statement:  The Entrepreneurship Club seeks to inspire students interested in entrepreneurship by stimulating discussions, providing understanding of the subject matter, and prioritizing creativity in order to develop future leaders in business.

Science Team

Advisor:  TBD

Mission Statement:  The UNIS Science Team is a club dedicated to the expansion of scientific knowledge and personal enrichment at both a competitive and collaborative level. The purpose of this club is to provide a creative outlet for students interested in STEM to explore their scientific areas of interest outside of the classroom; by attending competitions, creating projects and cultivating a discussion based environment.

UBS Finance Club

Advisor: Zakaria Baha (

Mission Statement:  The mission of the UNIS finance club is to promote financial literacy throughout our community so that students are better equipped in the future. We do this through our commitment to a robust combination of theoretical and practical learning.