Arts and Recreation

Arts and Recreation

  • Adopt A Band (AAB)
  • Art Club
  • Board Game Club
  • Cadenza: A Music Community Service Club (Cadenza)
  • Chess Club
  • Class of 2021 Senior Committee
  • Destress not Distress
  • Main Street Theater and Dance Alliance Mentorship Club (MSTDA Mentorship)

Adopt A Band (AAB)

Advisor:   John Lambert (

Mission Statement:  The mission of Adopt A Band is to share our love for music and help others who do not have the same resources that we are so fortunate to have at UNIS. We accomplish this by raising funds to purchase and repair instruments, while also providing sheet music to support other bands or music programs with these donations. Through our efforts, we hope that we will contribute to make the world a better place for as many young musicians as we can reach who need our help.

Art Club

Advisor:  Marc Smith (

Mission Statement:  Art Club is a space for people to freely create art in a stress-free environment. The club is to help people pursue their interest in art and learn new techniques/mediums and styles of art as well as encourage their creativity and express themselves. We want the club to be a way to share their passions with others.

Board Game Club

Advisor:  Alcy Leyva (

Mission Statement:  Our goal is to expose our members to board games from different cultures, and history. We will also widen our members horizons from the online and video games that we play now, and introduce them to the awesomeness of board games.

Cadenza: A Music Community Service Club

Advisor: Brendan Golle (

Mission Statement:  Cadenza strives to use music to bring joy to other people, including but not limited to the elderly, or people with disabilities. Our goal is to lend a helping hand to those who need it, through (online) musical performances and through other outreach opportunities. We feel it is very important that people who have the ability to help out should, and our club will give everyone a chance to do so.

Chess Club

Advisor:  Matthew Herman (

Mission Statement:  Chess Club strives to teach students how to play and immerse themselves in the game while maintaining a fun and casual environment

Class of 2021 Senior Committee

Advisor: Vera Tatel (

Mission Statement:  TBD by Class of 2021

Destress not Distress

Advisor: TBD

Mission Statement:  There are so many overworked and under appreciated students at our high school. Destress No Distress has one main goal: giving students a place to create, care for their aching bodies, and talk to other THers. Students can Destress through practicing yoga, drawing, or sitting out activities and napping instead. At Destress not Distress we combine chats with self love exercises that students can work on virtually, in person, or at home in their own time.

Main Street Theater and Dance Alliance Mentorship

Advisor: Joseph Braccino (

Mission Statement:  Bridging the gap between the arts and academics.