• Black Student Union
  • Japan Cultural Club
  • Junior United Nations of Calligraphy (JUNOC)

Black Student Union

Advisor: Valerie Powell ( and Andrea McLean (

Mission Statement:  As the United Nations International School’s Black Student Union, we are dedicated to providing a safe, open, and educational space for, Black, BIPOC, and non-BIPOC students. We strive to nurture and uplift UNIS’s Black students and inform them of the most productive methods of practicing allyship for Black people, as well as other marginalized groups.

Japan Cultural Club

Advisor:  Masahiro Tanaka (

Mission Statement:  To spread Japanese culture for everyone to enjoy.

Junior United Nations of Calligraphy (JUNOC)

Advisor:  Qing Sun (

Mission Statement:  Junior United Nations of Calligraphy (JUNOC), a student committee at UNIS, aims to build a bridge of mutual appreciation and cross-cultural understanding. With roughly 20 members and the committee meets weekly to partake in calligraphy classes, as well as plan activities and events, such as establishing a calligraphy corner in the UNIS Modern Language Department. JUNOC is dedicated to contributing to cultural diversity, artistic exchange, and cross-cultural friendship for the UNIS community.