Media and Publication

Media and Publication

  • Film Club (FC)
  • Literary Magazine (LitMag)
  • Photography Club
  • UNIS Digital Collective (UDC)
  • UNISVerse
  • Verses Podcast
  • Yearbook Club

Computer Science Club

Advisor:  Mariam Tamimi (

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to teach people about computer science and programming in a environment that allows full creativity and passion of the members. We teach how to make websites, along other computer science topics.

Film Club

Advisor:  Sandra Lipkind (

Mission Statement:  The Film Club’s mission is to provide a community for UNIS Tut House students who are interested in film. We will select and view films that are of cultural, or historic, or artistic significance. We will provide a forum for discussion, so that our club members can engage and gather together for this common interest and for each member to have a voice. We will reach out to our club members and our international community for recommendations of both domestic and foreign films. Films can inspire and enlighten. They can unite us, spark our imaginations or create a better understanding of our world.

Literary Magazine (LitMag)

Advisor:  Caroline Kim (

Mission Statement:  To showcase UNIS student/faculty's creative endeavors, mainly visual art and writing pieces.

Photography Club

Advisor:  Brian Gregory (

Mission Statement:  Our goal is to get cameras in the hands of students and help them become better change-makers and creatives to use their photography skills for good.

UNIS Digital Collective (UDC)

Advisor: Sandra Lipkind (

Mission Statement:  The aim of UDC will be to document student life throughout the year and to provide a platform for looking back on all the fun memories. We’ll focus on documenting all the trips UNIS plans such as the canoe trip, Nepal trip, etc. (Obviously in light of the current pandemic we will find other ways to document school life, but essentially this is what we are trying to achieve) In addition to planned events, a large variety of our club activity will be filming normal social life and what students tend to do during breaks, lunch, and even life out of school (to an extent), the executive leadership will be responsible for vetting material submitted before posting, no content will go public unless approved by club officials.


Advisor:  Matthew Herman ( and Luz Garcelon (

Mission Statement:  To serve as UNIS's newspaper. UNISVerse strives to provide important and engaging information to the student body. With all of our stories focused on the school and all of our writers and editors members of the Tut House, we are very aware of the UNIS world and wish to share our knowledge with others.

Verses Podcast

Advisor:  Matthew Herman (

Mission Statement:  This podcast is run by and made for the UNIS Community, in order to give students the opportunity and voice to have a friendly and productive discourse about issues that are relevant and necessary.

Yearbook Club

There are no resources or collections to display

Advisor:  Madison Burgess (

Mission Statement:  To give the UNIS community a full runback of the entire year, and to give all the seniors a way to remember their last year of highschool.