Media and Publication

Media and Publication

  • English for Kids Club
  • Literary Magazine (Litmag)
  • Unis Digital Collective
  • UNISVerse
  • Verses Podcast (Verses)

English for Kids Club

Advisor:  Qing Sun (

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to use the resource at UNIS to help the students in China to learn English and to possibly gain a deeper knowledge about the American and other foreign cultures.

Literary Magazine (Litmag)

Advisor:   Caroline Kim (

Mission Statement:  UNVeil: UNIS Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine’s mission statement is to showcase student creativity through a highly visual and engaging magazine. The magazine focuses on creative writing, visual art, and photography, and is now expanding to articles and other forms of media production. Through the club’s online website, music and student interviews will be featured, highlighting student’s perspectives with more depth. The Literary Magazine seeks to unveil student creativity and create a larger platform for students to share their talents and abilities, as well as voice their perspectives through any expressive medium of their choice.
This year, the final issue of the new reimagined Literary Magazine will be published at the end of the year, with a mid-year issue published in December.

UNIS Digital Collective (UDC)

Advisor:  David Digregorio (ddigregorio​​​​​​​

Mission Statement: The aim of UDC will be to document student life throughout the year and to provide a platform for looking back on all the fun memories. We’ll focus on documenting all the trips UNIS plans such as the canoe trip, Nepal trip, etc. (Obviously in light of the current pandemic we will find other ways to document school life, but essentially this is what we are trying to achieve) In addition to planned events, a large variety of our club activity will be filming normal social life and what students tend to do during breaks, lunch, and even life out of school (to an extent), the executive leadership will be responsible for vetting material submitted before posting, no content will go public unless approved by club officials.


Advisor:  Matthew Herman (

Mission Statement:  At UNISVerse, our goal is to amplify student voices and create a critical and balanced outlet for journalism.

Verses Podcast (Verses)

Advisor: Matthew Herman (

Mission Statement:  Verses podcast is a student run organization in which students can have a voice and participate in productive discourse about issues that are relevant and necessary.