UN Related

UN Related

  • Amnesty International
  • Human Rights Conference
  • Model UN
  • UN STEM Research Project

Amnesty International

Advisor:  Valerie Watt (vwatt@unis.org)

Mission Statement:  Our purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied. With these values at our heart, we have stopped torture, freed prisoners, prevented executions and saved homes.

Human Rights Conference

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Advisor: Zakaria Baha (zbaha@unis.org)

Mission Statement:  The Human Rights Conference Club is dedicated to hosting an annual conference, focused on the subject matter directly related to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. The objective of this club is to spread awareness of issues that violate human rights and promote activism as global citizens.

Model UN

Advisor: Anthony Staccone (astaccone@unis.org) and Vera Tatel (vtatel@unis.org)

Mission Statement:  To encourage rigorous debate and study of issues that are of vital importance in the arena of international relations which transcend boundaries and affect the future of humanity. In addition to this, we wish to develop an understanding of and a connection between the United Nations and our school, which has been established upon the ideals of the United Nations.


Advisor:  Zakaria Baha (zbaha@unis.org), Michelle Bertrand (mbertrand@unis.org) and Alvy Leyva (aleyva@unis.org)

Mission Statement: Our goal as an organization is to provide an educational and intellectual experience for our international peers while promoting globalism and cross-cultural exchange.

UN STEM Research Project

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Advisor:  Minjeong Christie Kim (mkim@unis.org)

Mission Statement:  The UN STEM Research Project aims to expand and research on different areas of science depending on interest, and the final goal is to go to the International Science and Engineering Fair.