As the school of the UN, UNIS promotes a culture and curriculum that support the spirit and ideals of the UN. We are committed to strengthening our existing relationship with the UN, its Missions, and UN affiliated organizations and agencies through a deeper understanding of the UN’s work.

Our unique connection with the UN provides students with many unique opportunities to meet, work with, and visit the UN and its leaders. 

UN Day

UN Day marks the day the United Nations officially came into being. At UNIS, we celebrate UN Day as a way to recognize and celebrate our diversity, shared humanity, and connection to the United Nations. UN Day is special to UNIS as it highlights our sense of community, as well as serves as a reminder to share the ideals of the UN and do our part in helping to create a better world. 


UNIS-UN is a student run conference with the goal of providing an intellectually enriching experience for their peers from around the world. The goal is to promote globalism and cross cultural exchange. For the past forty two years, the UNIS-UN conference has been held in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters. Students invite expert speakers and students from five continents to engage with a contemporary global issue. Please visit for more information.

Watch the first UNIS-UN Conference in 1977

Model UN

Students pose at a University after a Model UN Conference.

Model UN is one of the largest and most active clubs at UNIS. Our students participate annually in several Model UN events around the Northeast. In 2019, our students were invited to the United Nations to attend the first Model UN Program hosted by the Department of Global Communications.

For more information please visit the UNIS Model UN Website.

UNIS Human Rights Committee

The UNIS Human Rights Project is an initiative at UNIS that integrates the values of human dignity, equality and justice into teaching and learning. The program is a collaboration between UNIS and over sixty NYC schools, human rights, theatre, cultural and media organizations. The yearlong program is free to all New York City high school students and equips them with the skills to use photography, art and storytelling to advocate for human rights. Throughout the summer holiday and school year, students investigate, document, organize, educate others about local human rights issues and advocate for policy changes.

The UNIS Human Rights Committee hosts an annual Student Conference on Human Rights. This conference offers a unique opportunity to educate and support youth to participate in UN’s mission on humanity’s sustainable progress and the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms. In addition, the conference offers student leaders an important opportunity to network and develop important leadership skills including public speaking, team and consensus building, negotiating, research and planning, and international communication.

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Junior United Nations of Calligraphy

Junior UN of Calligraphy (JUNOC), a student committee at UNIS, aims to build a bridge of mutual appreciation and cross-cultural understanding. With roughly 100 members of all ages from over 40 countries, the committee meets weekly to partake in calligraphy classes, as well as plan activities and events, such as establishing a calligraphy corner in the UNIS Modern Language Department and presenting work at the UN International Day of Peace, among others. JUNOC is dedicated to contributing to cultural diversity, artistic exchange, and cross-cultural friendship for the UNIS community.

Speakers & Visits to the UN

Each year UNIS welcomes leaders and experts from the United Nations and affiliated organizations to speak with our students and faculty on a range of pressing global issues and concerns. These speakers share their knowledge of the UN's mission, work, and current events with our community. 

UNIS students are also invited to the UN throughout the year. UNIS-UN and UNIS Graduation are held at the General Assembly Hall each year. In 2019, the UNIS Middle School Honors Choir performed at the International Mother Language Day Celebration at the United Nations. 

Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed holds a Fireside Chat at UNIS

Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and former Minister of Environment of Nigeria, holds a panel discussion with Middle School and Tutorial House students. The discussion focused on how our knowledge and skills gained from our experience, in our own particular time and place, can be harnessed for the common good. If we realize the opportunity for improvement in the smallest of actions, we can begin to make larger change in our communities and world.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres visits UNIS

During his visit to UNIS in 2019, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke to Junior and Middle School students about the Sustainable Development Goals. The S-G shared his hope for a more sustainable world and celebrated our students’ achievements in their efforts toward Greening the Blue.

Following the JS and MS assembly, Mr. António Guterres participated in a special T3-T4 student assembly. He offered insight about his personal journey thus far, his current role, and that of the United Nations. He spoke about his current involvement with several international affairs, answered a range of questions from students, and provided guidance about how as individuals and members of society, we can continue to move forward and help create a better world.