About the Tutorial House

The Tutorial House, our high school, covers grades nine to twelve, providing a challenging and well-rounded global curriculum that culminates in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. Academically, we want our students to combine solid content knowledge with strong skills so they may develop responsibility for their own learning. Our goal is to nurture critical thinking, effective communication, creative problem-solving and collaborative learning and leadership. We encourage our students to take risks in learning, be open-minded and reflective and, through an international perspective, develop an understanding of global issues.

The life of a student is enriched further by many extra-curricular activities. Students can experience a variety of leadership opportunities and student-led events in partnership with the United Nations, or learn beyond the classroom by traveling overseas. They can participate in a challenging arts program or join our athletic teams. Students are also encouraged to form and join clubs and activities that kindle their passions, improve their skills, and offer service to others. The UNIS Tutorial House prepares students to face their future with confidence and take their place as responsible global citizens.

Philosophy of the Tutorial House

The goal of the Tutorial House is to prepare our students to be “an active force in shaping a better world, peaceful, compassionate and sustainable”. As such, the Tutorial House places a strong emphasis in student advocacy and in promoting the student voice. Our high school students are regarded and treated as young adults, and are placed at the center of the educational process. While parents have of course an important role in supporting students, high school students are expected to develop their own sense of self-advocacy, and to be directly involved in all aspects of their education. If an issue arises, students are encouraged to discuss it themselves directly with their teacher or their counselor as a first point of contact. 

Independent learning is also a core principle of UNIS and of the IB Program. Our high school students are expected to learn to manage their own workload, and to be proactive with their learning, with the help and support of their teachers and their counselor. This is particularly important in the IB Diploma Program, as well as throughout the College Counseling process.

“UNIS students are braver than most, because they have rejected hatred and fear, and have embraced empathy. Who, then, is better equipped than these young men and women, to heal a world so dramatically out of balance? This is what “to shape a better world”, written on the walls of UNIS, really means. And no challenge is more important, or more exciting.”

Antoine Delaitre Tutorial House Principal Our Principal

Tut House at a Glance

In line with its mission, and guided by the ideals of the United Nations, UNIS strives to make students "an active force in shaping a better world: peaceful, compassionate and sustainable." These are not just empty words. Rather, they guide us to offer the best and most relevant learning experience possible to students.

  • TH students lead  the UNIS-UN Conference held in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations.
  • Students also work at a local level, and can join our Human Rights Project: this is a program which integrates the values of human dignity, equality and justice into teaching and learning. The program is a collaboration between UNIS and over sixty NYC schools, human rights, theatre, cultural and media organizations.
  • Our IB-focused courses, our wide range of extracurricular educational programs, local and foreign trips, and student-led conferences, ensure that students help shape a better world.

Our Students

Tut House student, Sacha, after winning the Boys Varsity Singles Mayor's Cup Championships.


Tut House students, Class of 2019, in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations during their graduation. 


Tut House students have the opportunity to work with and mentor younger students on occasions such as UN Day. 


Tut House students enjoying their Week without Wall trips to Clearwater!


Tut House students engaged in a Fireside Chat with Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed in Spring 2019.


Our Programs