Tutorial House As students transition to the high school, the focus in the curriculum shifts from a more interdisciplinary focus to academic specialization. In doing so, UNIS recognizes the subject-based knowledge and understandings most essential for the UNIS Diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and IB Courses, and college admissions. Students study across a broad and balanced range of subject domains including languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, technology, the arts, and physical education, drawing on content from educational cultures across the world. 

Through the Tutorial House Curriculum, UNIS Students:

  • Examine central ideas of an issue or question and communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate higher-order critical thinking skills to solve and construct new meaning and understanding. 
  • Take risks in learning, are open minded and are reflective,
  • Develop an international perspective and an understanding of global issues.

Students in T3 (Grades 11) and T4 (Grades 12) follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma or Courses Program.

Pathways to UNIS Graduation

UNIS supports every student in identifying the academic pathway which is best for them. The right pathway enables students to reach their fullest potential by engaging in an appropriate level of challenge. TH students follow a common course program in T1 and T2 with the addition of course electives. Students have two options for their T3 and T4 studies at UNIS that both require a two year commitment: 

Overview of UNIS Student Pathways to Graduation


TH Course Offerings

English Language Art