Athletics Update: 10/18/2016

Athletics Newsletter 18th October 2016

Team Records (W-L-Tie)

Boys Varsity Soccer

(7-1-2 overall, 5-0-1 in league play)

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

(8-0-1 overall, 5-0-0 in league play)

Boys Middle School Soccer

(3-0-1 overall, 2-0-1 in league play)

Boys Middle School Soccer (Queens)

(3-4-0 overall, 1-3-0 in league play)

Girls Varsity Soccer

(5-4-0 overall, 5-2-0 in league play)

Girls Varsity Volleyball

(7-2-0 overall, 8-2-0 in league play)

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball

(3-6-0 overall, 3-6-0 in league play)

Girls Middle School Soccer

(2-4-0 overall, 0-2-0 in league play)

Girls Middle School Volleyball

(6-2-0 overall, 6-1-0 in league play)

Girls Middle School Volleyball (Queens)

(4-1-0 overall, 3-1-0 in league play)

Boys Varsity Soccer Team

Girls Middle School Soccer Team

Girls Varsity Volleyball Team

Middle School Cross Country

NYCAL Meet – 10/13/16

Aidan Louisell 11:17
Abdullah Tahseen 12:03
Eve Craven 12:10
Alicia Barton 12:21
Jack Lipkind 12:48
Ayla Agha 13:40
Eva Lifsec 14:26
Eugenie Cardon 14:27
Yumadi Aye 14:45

Varsity Cross Country (Boys)

NYCAL Meet – 10/13/16

1. M. Balcer – 19:43:88

5. S. Waxman-Lenz – 20:28:88

6. M. Niyazberdyyev – 20:33:92

11. P. Gross – 21:52:62

12. R. Fleming – 21:54:74

13. E. Marras – 22:01:76

17. K. Doken – 23:15:93

21. T. McKillop – 23:26:90

24. M. Chatard – 24:13:59

36. H. Zhang – 26:01:29

Varsity Cross Country (Girls)

NYCAL Meet – 10/13/16

2. L. Olson-Duffy – 23:40:04

3. N. Kalasa – 23:46:73

5. I. Gaddy – 25:10:51

9. S. Sargsyan – 26:17:59

13. L. Macki – 27:32:45

Triple-Impact Competitors

According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, a triple-impact competitor makes positive contributions on three levels:

•Making themselves better (personal mastery);

•Making teammates better (leadership);

•Making the sport better (honoring the game).

UNIS Coaches have nominated the following players as triple-impact competitors for their contributions so far this season:

Joshua Shearouse – Boys Varsity Soccer

Head Coach Juan De Rosa was full of praise for Joshua, who has consistently been an inspirational force for the Boys Varsity Soccer team this season. "His commitment is fantastic," says coach De Rosa. "His leadership skills are improving in each game and practice, and his presence makes everyone better."

Jack Robinson – Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

According to coach Chimwemwe Matupa, Jack is a total team player who shows "unwavering" support for his teammates. As a goalkeeper, his on-field play has been impressive, too – in a recent game against LFNY, our scouts report that he made a tremendous save to preserve a tight lead. Here's to you, Mr. Robinson!

Abdullah Tahseen – Middle School Cross Country

Abdullah is known for his attention to detail when rehearsing movements during practice. "That quality is one of the things that makes an athlete great," says coach Francyna Evins. "His attitude rubs off on the team in the midst of the distractions that occur on and off the field. He maintains a positive mental attitude, which has a tremendous impact on the rest of the group."

Michael Shahinyan – Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

We asked UNIS' new athletic trainer, Evangelos Apergis, for his triple-impact nomination. My Apergis has attended a variety of games in his role this season, and was particularly impressed by Michael, who he says has matured tremendously since his team's first game. "Michael is very good at organizing the group both on and off the field. He does all the little things that count – collecting equipment, ensuring that the team gets to the bus in a timely fashion, and being a great communicator. He's really taken on a leadership role."

Varsity Cross Country Team

Coaches Corner – Francyna Evins

Key stats

USA Indoor National Championships – 300m Qualifier (2015)

USA Indoor National Championships – 60m Qualifier (2013)

USATF New York 400m Champion (2013)

USATF New York 60m Champion (2013)

Wagner College Record-Holder (2012)

60m PB: 7.61

400m PB: 55.71

My name is Francyna Evins and to be a member of the coaching staff at UNIS is both an extraordinary privilege and honor.

I began running track at the age of three. The competition was effortless and fun until I reached middle school when I was unable to meet the rigorous demands of under the leadership of coaches to whom I was exposed. I began avoiding practices – and frankly, I just wouldn't get out of the car. Eventually, upon my high school entrance, I decided to give it another shot and joined the girls' track team. I sprinted my way through four PSAL productive years, earning a full scholarship comprised of both academic and athletic awards.

Currently, I am pursuing my childhood dream, while training to reach an international level in track & field. I train with a team of sports scientists, exercise scientists and biomechanical experts at the Sports Science Lab in Staten Island. I am confident that the combination of the lab's science-based performance training and my determination to succeed will help me realize my dream of competing on an International level. Determination in any sport is a great attribute, and without great consideration to injury prevention and recovery, thousands of athletes don't get the chance to reach their full potential or complete their journey. These are the things that I would like to instill in the athletes here at UNIS.

Having said all this, I want to provide the students with an introduction to competitive athletics while engaging them in fun through customized programming of proper mechanics, motor, and rhythmic patterns, and with emphasis on the significance of core strengthening, and recovery. The residual benefits of our program enhance the nurturing you provide for your child. Our supplemental focus is to promote success in academics through self-discipline and healthy nutritional practices.

I want to serve as a motivational force as a member of theUNIS Athletic Team and to provide encouragement to young athletes as they seek continuous growth, through developing self-discipline, strong character, self-respect and inner confidence. Developing these things at this particular stage in their lives is very fundamental to me because they will always have these qualities in life. The challenges that they face will assist them in competing against both their own internal systems and their league counterparts.

Team Profile – Girls Middle School Volleyball

Written by Josephina Murmann

Volleyball this year has been amazing for me, I had never played before except for with my sisters, I was worried I wouldn't be a good member on the team or overall I wouldn't be good enough. I never imagined that I would be exposed to this sense of purpose and teams manship, or that being a part of a team would make me feel so good about myself after every game and practice.

My favorite moment in the day is when the whole team is huddled in a tight circle giddy with anticipation to get on the court, Ms. Parkes and Ms. Camila regenerating our spirits with their pep talks about communication and effort on the court. I know that my team has my back and I trust them with every muscle in my body as we move around the court.

The best part about being on this team is that when you don't accomplish a move the first time, no one would ever make you feel bad or not good enough, every player is always there to give you positive feedback or just a simple pat on the back, when you're about to beat yourself up. Our coaches are always quick to tell us that this is all a learning process and we are here to have fun!! They are always making sure we are feeling as good as we can be even when we lose a game. I remember one time, on one of our earlier games, we weren't playing our best, once it was clear we were losing, Ms. Parkes called for a time out, while we were on the sidelines Ms. Parkes and Ms. Camila said all the right words we needed to make us feel like we had a fighting chance, soon our entire team was playing to our best, trying for every ball, giving each other encouraging smiles and high fives with our teamwork and spirit we ended up winning the game!

Overall volleyball has been great this year, filled with laughs, smiles, and the game!

Girls Middle School Volleyball Team

Upcoming Games (10/17-10/21)

Monday, October 17th

Girls Middle School Soccer vs. Columbia Prep (4:00pm)

Boys Middle School Soccer vs. Grace Church School (3:00pm)

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs. Grace Church School (3:15pm)

Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Columbia Prep (4:15pm)

Girls Middle School Volleyball vs. Trevor Day (4:15pm)

Girls Middle School Volleyball (Queens) vs. Mandell (4:40pm)

Tuesday, October 18th

Boys Middle School Soccer vs. LFNY (4:00pm)

Boys Middle School Soccer (Queens) vs. MCS (4:30pm)

Wednesday, October 19th

Girls Middle School Volleyball vs. LFNY (4:00pm)

Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Avenues (4:00pm)

Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Columbia Prep (4:15pm)

Girls Middle School Volleyball (Queens) vs. Stephen Gaynor School (4:15pm)

Thursday, October 20th

Boys Middle School Soccer vs. Calhoun School (4:00pm)

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. LFNY (4:15pm)

Girls Varsity Soccer Team