Athletics Update: 9/30/2016

Athletic Newsletter September 30th, 2016

217 student-athletes across 11 teams have resumed their participation in UNIS' athletics program for the fall season. Enjoy catching up on all the thrills and spills so far in this Athletics Update!

Team Records (W-L-Tie)

Boys Varsity Soccer

(3-1-1 overall; 3-0-0 in league play)

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

(5-0-1 overall; 2-0-0 in league play)

Boys Middle School Soccer

(2-0-1 overall, 1-0-1 in league play)

Boys Middle School Soccer (Queens)

(1-3-0 overall, 0-2-0 in league play)

Girls Varsity Soccer

(5-1-0 overall, 5-0-0 in league play)

Girls Varsity Volleyball

(6-1-0 overall, 6-0-0 in league play)

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball

(2-5-0 overall, 2-5-0 in league play)

Girls Middle School Soccer

(1-2-0 overall, 0-0-0 in league play)

Girls Middle School Volleyball

(4-1-0 overall, 4-0-0 in league play)

Girls Middle School Volleyball (Queens)

(1-1-0 overall, 0-1-0 in league play)

Boys Varsity Cross Country - NYCAL Meet 3 (09/29/16)

5km / 3.1 miles – 45 participants

1) M. Balcer 19.27.01

13) B.Glotzer 20.58.03

17) E. Marras 21:56.04

Girls Varsity Cross Country - NYCAL Meet 3 (09/29/16)

5km / 3.1 miles – 17 participants

4) L.Olson-Duffy 25.05.31

5) I.Gaddy 26:04.46

12) S.Sargsyan 28:47.53

Boys and Girls MS Cross Country - NYCAL Meet 3 (09/29/16)

1.5 miles – 77 participants

21) A. Louisell 11:37.41

25) N. Kohnhorst 11:37.41

39) J.Lipkind 12:24.98

40) A Barton 12:25.37

41) E. Craven 12:31.77

49) T. Taula 13:19.93

Boys Varsity Cross Country - NYCAL Meet 2 (09/22/16)

1) M. Balcer 19.40.7

13) R. Flemming 22.47.2

17) E. Marras 23.04.9

Girls Varsity Cross Country - NYCAL Meet 2 (09/22/16)

5) N. Kalasa 24.23.8

7) L. Olson-Duffy 25.52.2

8) A. Swinth 27.44.5

Triple-Impact Competitors

According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, a triple-impact competitor makes positive contributions on three levels:

  • Making themselves better (personal mastery);
  • Making teammates better (leadership);
  • Making the sport better (honoring the game).

UNIS Coaches have nominated the following players as triple-impact competitors for their contributions so far this season:

Aidan Louisell and Ayla Agha – Middle School Cross Country

"Completely and utterly focused," is how coach Francyna Evins describes Aidan and Ayla's mentality so far this season. "They have both improved so much within the first few weeks of the season, particularly in regards to their running mechanics," says coach Evins. "Their overall attitude and behavior have had a tremendously positive impact on the group."

Alta McQillen – Girls Middle School Soccer

Coach Reed Fox, the subject of the 'Coaches Corner' in this Athletics Update, was taken aback by a recent motivational speech delivered by one of his players. "It was half-time in our game against Avenues, and we were down 3-0 at the time," says Coach Fox. "Alta stood up and inspired the rest of the team with some great words of wisdom. As a result, we ended up making a great comeback and nearly won the game. She scored twice in the final few minutes, dominated the flanks all day long, and ran to the point of exhaustion – great job Alta!"

Ava Andrews and Lauren Davis-Ribatto – Girls Middle School Volleyball

Head Coach Laura Parkes has been particularly impressed with Ava's positive attitude so far this season. "She is very encouraging towards her teammates, and is keen to improve in every practice session," says Ms. Parkes, a P.E. teacher at UNIS. "I would also like to highlight Lauren, who not only works hard to improve but also demonstrates good leadership and remains calm under pressure."

Sienna DiMatteo – Girls Varsity Soccer

We caught up with GVS Assistant Coach Luke Lister as he prepared for another practice. "Our team has an impressive 4-1 record," beamed Lister, "and as an inspirational captain, Sienna DiMatteo has truly led by example. "She has displayed an exemplary attitude in regards to her teammates, the game, and the opposition. Her overall effort has been second to none, and on a number of occasions, she has gone above and beyond for the team. She independently took on the responsibility of organizing the team jerseys, and has also acted as our social media secretary! We have no doubt that Sienna will continue to inspire the team throughout the season."

Michael Shahinyan – Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

Head Coach Chimwemwe Matupa was full of complimentary words for Shahinyan, who is regarded as the leader of the Boys JV soccer team. "A number of reasons come to mind to support my nomination of Michael," says coach Matupa. "He has shown great pride in being our captain and is always looking to improve on his past performances. Most importantly, he truly loves the game, and inspires his teammates through his enthusiasm."

Coaches Corner

What a long, strange trip it's been.

For Reed Fox, Head Coach of the Girls Middle School team, it's a refrain he knows all too well.

"I've coached just about every kind of soccer team imaginable," reflects Reed, the magnanimous manager whose work with the non-profit Street Soccer USA has taught him much about the potential of sport to provoke social change. "I've truly seen the power that sport can have on the lives of people from all backgrounds and of all ages," he continues. "Most recently, I coached Toto Africans, a Tanzanian Premier League club based in Mwanza. We played in a coliseum-like stadium that held 35,00 people. It was a wild experience, for sure!"

When asked to elaborate, coach Fox's eyes widen. "Well," he smiles, peering off into the distance, as if recalling the memory. "We dealt with things such as 40-hour bus rides, witch doctors, poisoned water, and one match with 23 minutes of stoppage time."

Prior to joining the UNIS coaching staff, Fox was an all-state soccer player at Rhinebeck High School and a Division 1 recruit for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. After graduating with a degree in Sports Management in 2014 and a spell teaching business at a high school, he founded an NGO called Sports Charity Mwanza in an attempt to create a sustainable sports infrastructure in the region.

When asked, to sum up his journey so far, Coach Fox pauses before answering.

"Let's just say I'm happy to be safe and sound here at UNIS!"

Team Profile – Girls Middle School Soccer

Written by Claudia Campi and Mia Schaefer

UNIS loves to use the word community, and what we have experienced this year in the Girls Middle School soccer team exemplifies that. Every girl is very passionate about soccer and cares very much about each other. When we started this soccer season, we questioned if the two grades (M3 and M4) could mesh together, but so far, everything has been really positive!

We were trailing 4-0 in our first game, but scored three times in the last four minutes to make it 4-3! We all rushed off the field excitedly, happy that we had much such a comeback. Later their coach came up to our bus and told Coach Fox that half of their team thought they we had won because we had been so enthusiastic and proud of our superb goals! This goes to show that our team has a great energy and is full of positive people.

Our team is full of very kind and supportive people. We really like having the opportunity to make new friends, and it is such a fun team to be part of. At our last game, one of our teammates couldn't make it to the game, but she bought the entire team doughnuts! Estel even brought us cookies after the game. This proves that our team is very sweet, very caring, and very team-spirited!

Staff Biography

Evangelos Apergis joins us this year in the newly created position of Athletic Trainer. Mr. Apergis, who received a Master's Degree in Athletic Training from LIU Brooklyn, spent the last year working as an intern at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. His role at UNIS includes daily treatment of injuries, coverage of home games, and liaison with coaches to ensure compliance with all necessary policies and protocols.

Evangelos aims to contribute to a growing appreciation of sports medicine at the Middle School and High School level and is enthusiastic about being part of the UNIS Athletics team. "It's encouraging to see that the Athletics department is valued so highly at UNIS," says the man colloquially referred to as 'E'. "I'm excited to be part of the team and to support our student-athletes."

Upcoming Games (10/3-10/7)

Monday, October 3rd

Girls Middle School Volleyball vs. St. Hilda's School (4:15pm)

Tuesday, October 4th

Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Loyola (4:15pm)

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs. LFNY (4:00pm)

Girls Middle School Soccer vs. LFNY (4:00pm)

Girls Middle School Volleyball (Queens) vs. The School of Columbia University (4:15pm)

Wednesday, October 5th

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Fieldston (4:15pm)

Boys Varsity Soccer vs. FASNY (4:30pm)

Thursday, October 6th

Varsity Cross Country – NYCAL Meet at Van Cortland Park

Middle School Cross Country – NYCAL Meet at Van Cortland Park

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Columbia Prep (5:00pm)

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Trevor Day School (4:15pm)

Boys Middle School Soccer vs. Trevor Day School (3:30pm)

Friday, October 7th

Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Loyola School (4:00pm)

Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Calhoun School (4:15pm)

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs. Columbia Prep (4:00pm)

NYCAL Semi Final/Final Dates

Boys Varsity Soccer – Semi Final 10/24, Final 10/26

Girls Varsity Soccer – Semi Final 10/24, Final 10/26

Girls Varsity Volleyball – Semi Final 10/26, Final 10/28

Extra! Extra!

  • An encouraging 16 UNIS students are participating in the Girls Varsity Tennis Development squad;
  • The after-school dance program, led by Alvin Ailey, has proven to be a huge success already! Over 60 students have signed up, and instructor Latoya Wigfall is busy preparing three age groups – JA-J1, J2-J4, and M1-M2 – for an end-of-term performance in the Sylvia Fuhrman Theater on 11/18 (more details in the next Athletics Update!
  • On a related note, over 350 registrations have been processed for after-school sports activities in the fall semester! As part of this initiative (which is separate and apart from interscholastic sports), expert coaches from a range of external organizations deliver fun and engaging sessions in soccer, basketball, tennis, taekwondo, and dance (among other activities) to students in JA-M4. Look for information on the winter schedule of after-school sports in our next newsletter.
  • Isabella Padasak has been on a tear for the Girls Varsity Soccer team, scoring 3 or more goals in several games so far this season. Equally as important, however, has been the performance of the team's defense only 4 goals have been conceded in 5 league games.