Athletics Update Fall 2017
Athletics Update Fall 2017


Thursday, November 16th 2017
Fall Season Recap

Another successful fall season recently concluded at UNIS, with over 200 students competing across two campuses in thirteen sports. We sat down with a number of our coaches to discuss their reflections on the season gone by:

Girls JV Volleyball by Kelly Bergin (Head Coach)
The UNIS JV Volleyball team enjoyed a fun-filled season this year. Our players supported each other with a positive spark throughout the entire season. We began the season with some unexperienced players and made super strides over the course of the fall to improve our game play. We are so excited to take everything we have learned together into next year!

Girls JV Volleyball by Jessica Yin (Assistant Coach)
The junior varsity volleyball team had a tough season this year with only one win. But that win was enough to call it a successful season with the minimal amount of full team practices that we were able to have. Towards the end of the season, Coach Kelly and I were so impressed with the amount of improvement that we saw in the girls. The effort was evident that the girls were determined on the court. They learned how to work together, and pick each other up when their teammate was down, and us as coaches couldn't ask for a better group of girls. I hope that they continue to keep playing the sport they love and grow their volleyball experience.

Middle School Cross Country by Francyna Evins (Head Coach)
The fall season of MS Cross country was one filled with motivation and continuous effort. From the very first meet, the athletes made specific goals based off their first time. Each week, they strived to surpass their previous goal that they set for themselves. Some shattered their personal goals by seconds up to even minutes. Overall, we've had some consecutive top finishers on the team including Ebba Ronnberg, Andrew Hohmann and Eve Craven to name a few. These athletes demonstrated leadership qualities that radiated throughout the team. This is a group that empowers one another both on and off the field, which is a great characteristic to have as an individual.

Middle School Volleyball by Camila Dever (Assistant Coach)
It was an honor to occupy the role of assistant coach for middle school girls volleyball team this year to co create magic with Ms Parkes! The season was fantastic, and it was impressive to see how every single day the girls improved their skills and became better at their ability to play volleyball.

It was very endearing to see how supportive and friendly the girls were amongst each other and how their humor and positive attitude made a world of difference. Everyone felt part of a community formed by kindness, acceptance, and respect.

The team had a chance to experience victory, as well as defeat, but always looking at every situation as a moment of expansion and growth. They understood that doing their best and having fun was key to be successful at any sport.

I'm grateful to have had the chance to connect and interact with such sweet girls who made their best effort they ready to work as a team and achieve their goal. I'm very proud of the results and can't wait to assistant coach them next year as I know they will be on fire! Go UNIS!

Varsity Cross Country by Howard Lindsay (Head Coach)
The 2017 UNIS Varsity Cross Country Boys and Girls teams had a challenging season this year, with illness and unfavorable weather just a couple of the obstacles the athletes had to face throughout the season. Nevertheless, most of those who were able to complete the season showed resilience and determination. Their hard work paid off with most of them setting personal or seasonal best performances at the New York States Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) Cross Country Championships (the last meet of the season). Congratulations to the members of both teams as once again we are so proud of their performances and accomplishments.

Boys Middle School Soccer by Mpande Simelane (Head Coach)
Late August we began tryouts for the Unis Boys Middle School Soccer team. We had a large turn out and with a wide range of skill and ability. It was tough to decide but eventually a squad was narrowed down. We began training and the players were introduced to my system as well as my expectations. Looking back, I was blessed to have such a wonderful and talented group. Week in and week out they delivered and maintained such a positive spirit that it was infectious to anyone around us.

We started well, suffered an early loss, quickly bolstered up and went on an incredible run to claim top spot at the end of the season. Coach O'Connor and I were spoiled for choice with players as the season progressed we learned a lot about our players. These young guys were more than just a team, they were a unit, a family. They displayed commitment and a will to succeed that was unrivaled. I remember in our toughest match of the season, upon arriving, how much our opponents towered over us on average as they were approaching the field. I instantly was transported to an earlier game where our players were concerned more about the other team than ours. It was something that was addressed and as I looked over at the team, I saw how composed and together they were, and in that instant I felt that our roles were reversed. As their coaches we try to lead by example. As I looked on the team, I was astonished how together they were, so calm but ready. That solidarity that I witnessed as they warmed up as well as their composure and confidence was so inspiring.

In life we have expectations. This group went above and beyond all and any of our expectations. It was such a pleasure and an honor to work with such a delightful bunch of enthusiastic and talented individuals. My only regret is that the season is over. I hope that they all continue to work hard and strive for excellence.

I am very honored to have contributed in a positive way to a place that is my foundation.

Boys Middle School Soccer by Daniel O'Connor (Assistant Coach)
The highlight of the season for me was the team talk after the loss to Avenues. We agreed that we would win every game that remained. The intensity, commitment and will to win showed after the loss. Beating Lycee 2-0 in the toughest game, was down to the team talk. Kevin Lakrim's bullet point header into the top corner from Lukas's cross was a goal of the season contender. It was similar to Alan Shearer for Newcastle vs Bayer Leverkusen in 2003!


UNIS Student-Athletes named in NYCAL ALL League teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named in NYCAL All-League teams for the fall season:

Girls Varsity Volleyball All-League Team

Marem Sy - UNIS


Marem Sy - UNIS & Sydney Ashton - Calhoun

Team Sportsmanship: United Nations International School

Girls Varsity Soccer- All-League Team

Sophie Beck -UNIS

Grace Macallistair -UNIS

Jada Britton -UNIS

Isabella Padasak -UNIS


Post Season Champions - UNIS

Boys Soccer- All-League Team

Guillerm Purchese- UNIS

Max Neve- UNIS

Joshua Shearouse- UNIS

Liam Lanigan -UNIS

Thomas Jakelich Most Valuable Player Award: Max Neve- UNIS

Regular and Post Season Champions- UNIS


Victorious! UNIS Soccer History 10.23.2017

Both the Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer teams created UNIS Soccer History by winning both NYCAL Post Season Soccer Championships at Randall's Island on 10/23.

Girls Varsity Soccer

The Girls Varsity Coach Luke Lister sums his team's effort by:

The perfect end to an amazing season! I could not be more proud of the girls. Beating Colombia Prep in the NYCAL Championship Game, despite them already beating us twice this year, and the fact that none of our players had ever beaten a Colombia team, made the win all the more special!

Colombia started strongly and had a couple of good opportunities early in the first half. The UNIS goal living a charmed life as Colombia twice went close by hitting the woodwork. An even first half in terms of possession, on the balance of play it could probably have been said that Colombia looked the hungrier of the two teams. The girls' however managed to score at the perfect time, right at the end of the first half and went into the break with the momentum. It was the first time any of the UNIS players had scored against a Colombia team and it would be an understatement to say that the goal gave us a huge confidence boost. When the second half began there was only ever going to be one winner. The girls were determined and focused from the whistle. They managed to keep their composure well and were first to every single ball. Colombia never stood a chance. Defensively the girls were rock solid, never giving an inch. In attack, they were able to fashion a couple of good chances and looked much the stronger team.

Today saw a real team effort, with the girls on the bench more than playing their part, cheering the team on with every kick. And the unbelievable grit and determination displayed by those on the pitch as they dug deep and did everything in their power to get a result that had eluded them for so long.

The girls tell me that this is the first time in the school's history that the UNIS girls' varsity soccer team has won an NYCAL championship. Having only been at UNIS a year I've not had time to check and sadly cannot confirm this is definitely the case. As a history teacher, I spend a lot of time stressing to students the importance of confirming the validity of information. Therefore it is something I plan to look up as soon as possible. What I do know however is that there is certainly no girls varsity soccer championship banner hanging up in the gym. We all very much look forward to seeing it up there soon!

Boys Varsity Soccer

In the boys game, UNIS cruised to a 3-0 win over an outmatched Trevor Day side, with Aidan McKenna, Liam Lanigan, and Gregory Keh the goal scorers in an excellent team performance. Coaches Juan De Rosa and Harry Muniz now must prepare their players for an NYSAIS Quarter-Final next Wednesday (11/1). Well done boys on securing both the Regular Season and Post Season Trophies.
UNIS' Girls and Boys Varsity teams (below) celebrate after a famous afternoon of soccer on Randall's Island.