Model UN Club Gears Up for A Big Year
Model UN Club Gears Up for A Big Year

Like Barcelona FC or Bayern Munich playing a preseason friendly, on October 29, the UNIS Model UN Club hosted its annual mock conference for new and returning members. Saturday's mock conference helped train students who are new to Model UN (MUN), and prepare them for future conferences.

The topic of the conference was media freedom. Delegates represented a diverse range of countries from all corners of the world for the General Assembly's Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. As part of their preparation, club members did extensive research on their assigned country's history and current policies regarding media freedom in order to properly represent their country's stances on the topic.

Delegates got to experience an accurate simulation of a real MUN conference and were able to put their debating skills to the test in a comfortable environment. The following students were awarded for their outstanding performances:

  • Elizabeth Letsou (T2), Best Delegate
  • Lea Chambadal (T2), Outstanding Delegate
  • Matthias Heindl (T2), Outstanding Delegate
  • Kresten Due (T2), Honorable Mention
  • Won-Jae Chang (T1), Verbal Commendation
  • Ning Chang (T1), Verbal Commendation
  • Sara De Meyer (T1), Best Position Paper

  • "The Model UN club is looking forward to an eventful, debate-filled year as we prepare for our upcoming conferences. We have a fantastic and talented batch of new and returning delegates for the 2016-2017 school year," said Awa Ndiaye, T3 student and UNIS Model UN Club's Head of Public Relations. "We will be hosting our third annual conference for four hundred students this December, as well as sending delegates to represent us at the Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Dalton Model UN conferences."

    Conferences run this year from November to April.

    Special thanks to Awa Ndiaye for contributing to the story.