Students Turn UNIS Values Into Action
Students Turn UNIS Values Into Action

Central to so much of what UNIS does is a commitment to help others. This fall, our students have been busy turning this commitment into action.

Working with Tut House 3 and 4 students as part of a UN Day activity, our Junior School students made crafts to benefit the Children of Bellevue Program. The crafts included book bags, book marks, pinwheels kaleidoscopes, and hanging fish, all to brighten the day and of a child receiving services with Bellevue Hospital.

Recently, on December 13, Junior School Student Council visited the hospital and delivered the items. As part of their trip, students went on a short tour of the hospital and met police officers that were at the hospital to educate children about bullying.

Not to be outdone, our Middle School has been working with UNICEF. Just before winter break, our M1 class proudly presented the organization with a check for $4753.81. The money was collected earlier this fall, as part of the "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" fundraiser in Central Park.

M1-01 student Andrew Park spearheaded the October event. For the past three years Andrew had been playing his violin in the park to raise funds for UNICEF. This year he was joined by nine students and, under the leadership of teacher Anneliese Zausner-Mannes, in one day they raised $1136.71 toward the overall total.

At a special ceremony to honor Andrew and his classmates, students were joined by parent and UNIS Alum Alain Sylvain, whose company matched the funds collected. Sylvain discussed what he learned as a student at UNIS and how everyone has the ability to make a difference.

The assembly also featured from representatives of UNICEF who thanked everyone for their commitment and were presented with a giant check to symbolize the M1-01's hard work.

In addition, earlier in the same day the M4-04 class went to Hamilton Madison House to decorate the center, sing songs, and give gifts to senior citizens.

The M4's were able to provide gifts because of their jewelry sale earlier this fall that raised $2500. Some of the funds brought in went towards buying decorations, gloves, and scarves for 70 senior citizens. Students are already planning another outreach event in the spring with the rest of the funds.

The visit to Hamilton Madison House was coordinated, supported and implemented by Phyllis Murray, Middle School Administrative Assistant, Jared Smith, M4 Counselor, and Anne Lhuillier, M4-04 advisor.

While these recent events highlight our students' commitment to making a difference, this spirit is strong throughout the year. It is seen in the many bake sales, raffles, and other fundraising activities students organize and participate in to help others in New York City and around the world. As our community moves into 2017, we know the desire to have a positive impact will continue to drive UNIS forward.