UNIS Soccer History: Boys and Girls areNYCAL Champs!
UNIS Soccer History: Boys and Girls areNYCAL Champs!

Both the Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer teams created UNIS Soccer History today by winning both NYCAL Post Season Soccer Championships at Randall's Island.

Girls Varsity Soccer

The Girls Varsity Coach Luke Lister sums his team's effort by:

The perfect end to an amazing season! I could not be more proud of the girls today. Beating Colombia Prep in the NYCAL Championship Game, despite them already beating us twice this year, and the fact that none of our players had ever beaten a Colombia team, made the win all the more special!

Colombia started strongly and had a couple of good opportunities early in the first half. The UNIS goal living a charmed life as Colombia twice went close by hitting the woodwork. An even first half in terms of possession, on the balance of play it could probably have been said that Colombia looked the hungrier of the two teams. The girls' however managed to score at the perfect time, right at the end of the first half and went into the break with the momentum. It was the first time any of the UNIS players had scored against a Colombia team and it would be an understatement to say that the goal gave us a huge confidence boost. When the second half began there was only ever going to be one winner. The girls were determined and focused from the whistle. They managed to keep their composure well and were first to every single ball. Colombia never stood a chance. Defensively the girls were rock solid, never giving an inch. In attack, they were able to fashion a couple of good chances and looked much the stronger team.

Today saw a real team effort, with the girls on the bench more than playing their part, cheering the team on with every kick. And the unbelievable grit and determination displayed by those on the pitch as they dug deep and did everything in their power to get a result that had eluded them for so long.

The girls tell me that this is the first time in the school's history that the UNIS girls' varsity soccer team has won an NYCAL championship. Having only been at UNIS a year I've not had time to check and sadly cannot confirm this is definitely the case. As a history teacher, I spend a lot of time stressing to students the importance of confirming the validity of information. Therefore it is something I plan to look up as soon as possible. What I do know however is that there is certainly no girls varsity soccer championship banner hanging up in the gym. We all very much look forward to seeing it up there soon!

Boys Varsity Soccer

In the boys game, UNIS cruised to a 3-0 win over an outmatched Trevor Day side, with Aidan McKenna, Liam Lanigan, and Gregory Keh the goal scorers in an excellent team performance. Coaches Juan De Rosa and Harry Muniz now must prepare their players for an NYSAIS Quarter-Final next Wednesday (11/1). Well done boys on securing both the Regular Season and Post Season Trophies.