Appearance at Conference Highlights Teacher's Commitment to Collaboration
Appearance at Conference Highlights Teacher's Commitment to Collaboration

In a sign of our commitment to improving teaching through collaboration, UNIS faculty member Paula Marra and Lisa Yokana from Scarsdale High School recently presented at the Project Zero Conference: Learning Together, Leading Together. The event took place in Washington, DC from October 7-9.

"It was an honor to lead an interactive course at the conference and working with Lisa is always a privilege," said Paula Marra. "I hope the people we presented too came away as refreshed and excited about bringing this inquiry back to their schools."

Paula and Lisa led an interactive course which gave participants the opportunity to experience the combination of Visible Thinking, Design Thinking process and Agency by DesignRoutines. The session started with a common challenge, then participants were divided into groups and each group chose a Visible Thinking Routine. The use of each routine provided the participants with the base to move on to the Design Thinking process.

Afterwards, each group conducted empathy interviews, looked at extremes, ideated possible solutions and then prototyped. The participants explained their prototypes and heard feedback from other groups through the "I like, I wish, I wonder" process. They finished the workshop with the Agency by Design "Imagine If" routine.

Both presenters also described two projects they did with their own students, in High School and Elementary School, so participants could see how this can work in a variety of contexts.

This is not the first conference Paula Marra has spoken at during her time at UNIS. Over the summer she led a session at the Beating the Odds Summit which was held at the White House over summer 2016. The event was part of the First Lady's Reach Higher initiative and Better Make Room campaign.