Junior School's First Musical Delights Audiences

After countless hours of rehearsal since January, on May 11 the curtain went up on the Junior School's first musical. To the delight of an audience filled with parents, friends, faculty and staff, the cast and crew of 79 students delivered memorable performances of Dear Edwina, Jr on Thursday, Friday and twice on Saturday. Performances on Friday and Saturday were sold out.

When asked about the play's success Jack Dod, the show's director and Theater Teacher for the Junior and Middle School, said, "the process worked due to the selflessness of the students. Each individual sacrifice – from giving up other extra-curriculars to rehearsing on birthdays to putting the production before self, pieced together a play that left audiences not only impressed, but genuinely entertained. Perhaps the greatest sign of its success was the fact that the show sold out all four performances on the back of the talk around school after its opening night."

The play tells the story of young and spunky Edwina Spoonapple who runs an advice talk show out of her family's garage in Paw Paw, Michigan. But on the day when the big talent scout is coming, can the kids of Paw Paw stick together, or will the temptation of fame pull them apart? Dealing with disappointment, rivalries, young love, and finding purpose, Dear Edwina, Jr. is perfect for all ages and families.

In a testament to the casts' months of work, performances of songs such as Hola, Lola and Sing Your Own Song drew bursts of applause from the audience. The students' preparation was evident as they moved seamlessly from one scene to another. For many in the cast this was the first time they had ever acted in front of a live audience.

This performance wraps up an exciting year of our theater department. In February, they worked with Tut House students to stage a rousing version of Urinetown. At the end of April the Middle School put on five shows of The Little Mermaid.

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